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Considering it is now December, I am full-fledged in the mood for all things holiday. And I think this weekend was no exception. 

I don’t have pictures, but started the weekend with ice skating at Holidazzle in Minneapolis. Last time I lived here, this was a parade and now they’ve turned it into a little holiday area with vendors, ice skating, holiday music, carriage rides… you name it. It was super fun and the first time I’ve been ice skating in a long time. 

On Saturday, I got to do something really fun — glassblowing! This is my “try something new” for December, so more details in a post later this week, but basically got to play with fire all day long:

Trying out glassblowing for the first time | Crazy Running Girl

It was such an amazing experience and I might be a little obsessed. I get to pick up my pieces this week so I’m excited to see how they turned out (and if they survived). 

When I went to bed on Saturday, it was snowing pretty hard… and I think I was pretty excited about running it because I woke up early on Sunday and got to enjoy an 8-mile run in a winter wonderland. 

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


It was amazing. 

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


And then in true holiday spirit, I followed Elf’s diet recommendations and stuck with the four food groups for dinner: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. 

Candy candy candy | Crazy Running Girl


Just kidding. I made my first ever gingerbread house and it was so fun.

My first gingerbread house | Crazy Running Girl


I have a long ways to go before I go pro like these people, but I mean, we all need something to aspire to, right? 


Last week I set some goals for the week:

  • Run 5 times
  • Strength training 3 days
  • Yoga class


Well, I could look at it as failing at each, or I could celebrate what I accomplished! Let’s do that instead. 😉

Running: I ran Sunday (3 miles), Monday (20 minutes on the treadmill, OTF type workout), Thursday (3 miles) and Friday (5 miles). For the life of me, I couldn’t get out of bed early enough on Saturday morning so opted to run on Sunday instead. SO CLOSE. 

Strength training: 2/3 out of the 3 days (I lifted on Monday and did a bootcamp on Tuesday, and then… weights? what? 

Yoga class: I was registered for a class at my apartment complex, but it ended up getting canceled (boo) so it didn’t happen. 


Well, totally not hitting all of my goals but, it happens. This week’s goals:

  • One fitness class (I have boot camp, yoga and barre all on the calendar! Let’s see what happens.)
  • Strength training for three days (so close last week… it NEEDS TO HAPPEN)
  • Running 5 times + 5k on Saturday! 


I also realized that on yesterday’s 8 miler, that I’m already in “pre” marathon training mode for Boston. I took a look at the calendar and technically need to start training for the race right after Christmas! Whaaaa… it’s coming up so fast! But I’m so excited to get back into training and crush my goals for this race. 


How was your weekend? How did you do on your fitness goals last week? 

Have you ever decorated a gingerbread house? 

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