I know my current giveaway hasn’t yet ended, but I have another super sweet giveaway from Brooks Running coming at you! Before we get to that, I want to share my reasons for loving winter running. SO many people tell me that I’m crazy (oh hey, blog name) for running outside in the winter months, but there are so many reasons to love winter running. 

Hate winter running? Think again! 9 reasons to make you fall in love with winter running | Crazy Running Girl


1. It takes a lot to get super hot. 

Post-run selfie with Hydroflask | Crazy Running Girl

Oh hey, remember how ALL of my #runfies looked like this when I lived in Austin because it was hotter than the sun every. single. day.? OK, a little bit dramatic, but still! It takes a little bit longer to warm up in the winter months, so that means you don’t sweat buckets. I’m a fan. 


2. There are more pockets. 

Winter thermal vest from Brooks Running in pink | Crazy Running Girl

Because you have to wear layers, which generally includes a jacket, there are way more pockets to stash your stuff! I usually don’t run with a phone when I run in the summer months because where am I going to put it? But in the winter, I can easily stash in a pocket and take some super sweet photos on the run. 


3. You get a better workout. 



Oh my goodness, after my run in the snow on Sunday, my muscles were tired… it was like I was running on sand! My hamstrings and glutes felt it the most, but I call this a win-win since it means that I worked them a little bit more than I would on a normal run. 


4.  A chance to get outside… 

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl

Let’s face it, when it’s super cold outside, the last thing you want to do is head outside to do… just about anything. But when you run outside (instead of the treadmill), you get that fresh air and a little Vitamin D. Totally worth it. 


5. It’s like free cleaning for your running shoes 😉

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


I mean, your running shoes do get dirty over time… and when you are running through the snow, wah-lah, they look like they are brand new once they dry! I think we might call that a win win. 


6. Did someone say snowball fight? 

Snowball fight with a tiger | Crazy Running Girl


Grab a friend, hit the road for some miles and take a break with a snowball fight! I’m totally on board for this idea… and it’s just a different form of cardio. I guess you could even say that it’s a little bit of an arm workout too!


7. See the holiday sights

Christmas decorations... | Crazy Running Girl

One of my favorite things about running, especially when I’m on vacation, is being able to see the sights… and when it’s winter, you can check out the holiday sights! Go check out your neighborhood’s decorations, or other festive parts of your area! 


8. Jam to holiday music… in a judgement free zone

Dashing through the... | Crazy Running Girl


I don’t know about you, but I totally love listening to holiday music (Mariah Carey, anyone? Seriously, the best.) Butttt not everyone agrees… so take your holiday tunes on the run with you! That way, you can totally listen without the judgement. And plus, your run will fly by as you sing along to your favorite songs. 


9. You can’t help but feel a little badass 😉

Not the main reason I run outside, but man, you get to tell some good stories — you know, like the whole “we used to walk uphill both ways to school.” When people talk about the snowstorms they remember, and you can tack on “oh yeah, I ran a few miles outside that day!,” people really don’t know what to say. Just PLEASE remember to be safe out there! 


And that brings me to the fun part of today’s post —> a giveaway for a pair of Brooks Running shoes! Winner gets to pick model, size and color. If you’re curious what to pick —> I run in the Glycerin mostly, but also love the Launch 3 and the Mazama

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