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I think it’s fair to say that the holiday season is here, and with that comes the challenges of staying healthy over the holidays. Even if you don’t have to travel anywhere, I feel like it’s a struggle to stay on track with your health goals during the holiday season. No matter where you go, there are more treats and even more reasons to not work out (e.g., holiday parties, family get-togethers, happy hours). Whatever it is, totally get it!

Super excited to team up with MinuteClinic today for Running Coaches Corner with Susie, Rachel and Debbie to talk about how you can stay healthy over the holidays — with the proper care and prevention, it can be done!

Worried about staying healthy over the holidays? I have the best tips for you! | Crazy Running Girl


Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

1. Use exercise as a way to bond with your family

2016 Festival Foods Turkey Trot | Crazy Running Girl


I feel like eating large is a common theme around the holidays, and exercise is a great way to combat that. Whether it’s getting outside to go for a walk or even to go sledding with my niece and nephew, it’s one of my favorite ways to get out and about without having to sacrifice the time that I dedicate with my family. 


2. Take advantage of nap time!



Ooh, one of my favorite things about the holidays… taking naps! It was definitely a lot easier to convince my niece and nephew to take naps when they were much younger, but I still try to find time to take a nap while I’m home for the holidays. Sleep is a necessary component of recovery and I’ve learned to let my body get as much as it wants — especially since if it’s worn down, it generally means that it needs a little bit more!


3. Follow the “three bites” rule



This is perhaps the best thing I’ve ever learned in the world of fitness —> but it’s one of the tricks from Jillian Michaels. Basically, when you are indulging in something, all you really need is three bites to kill your craving. Save the calories, eat three bites and share with someone in your family. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. 


4. Bring your own snacks

Love kombucha? See what I thought about BluePrint Organic Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


So you know how you get used to your own way of life, and when you travel for the holidays, everything seems to get turned upside down?! Minimize it by bringing your own snacks and treats with you when you travel. I know that when I travel home for Christmas, I’ll definitely be bringing my supplements (iron) and favorite drinks (kombucha), plus maybe even some of my meal replacements (PROBAR Bite!). It makes such a difference when it comes to snacking healthy when you have the foods that you are most used to. 


5. Take time to yourself

Jax the Maine Coon | Crazy Running Girl

I think this is the most important aspect of staying healthy over the holidays, and perhaps the most difficult! When you are home for the holidays, you are there to spend time with your family so why in the world would you spend time by yourself?! Well, it’s also your vacation! Make sure you getting “me” time so that you are able to stay mentally healthy, which is just as important. 


And, if you do start to feel like you’re rundown? Don’t worry — even though you don’t have your local practitioner nearby, you have options!  Visit your local MinuteClinic where a practitioner can help put you on the appropriate treatment plan.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about making an appointment or worry about whether you’ll get care on a holiday. They will be open, and you can even check wait times online before you go to make sure that you don’t have to waste your entire day sitting in a clinic!
What is MinuteClinic? MinuteClinic is the walk-in medical clinic inside select CVS Pharmacy and Target stores across the U.S. There are approximately 1,100 clinics in 33 states and the District of Columbia. MinuteClinic is open 7 days a week, including weekday evening hours. Walkin, no appointment is necessary. Most health care insurance is accepted. Find a MinuteClinic near you


What are your tips for staying healthy over the holidays? Do you try to workout when you travel? 

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