Today for Friday Five, I’m linking up with Rachel @ Running on Happy for something a little bit different to go with the theme, 5 things I’d never buy again. I’ve shared the books that I’ve been reading this year (I’m actually ahead of my goal to read one per month… go me!), but I haven’t talked about the books that I’ve started but haven’t been able to finish.

Do not add these books to your to-read list | Crazy Running Girl


Yes, it happens sometimes. There are just some books that… I just can’t. Here are a few recent ones that I can’t seem to get off the struggle bus:

1. Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)


I really wanted to read this book and like it. I tried really hard. In fact, I tried to read it for about two years and made it to page 300. I told you, I really wanted to like it.

I finally gave up. I realized that it wasn’t the book for me…so maybe someday I’ll just tune into the TV show so I can understand all the rage (about three years after it was popular, ha).


2. The Barefoot Queen

This is another one that I have been trying to read for so long, but just cannot do it. It started off OK, but it’s really slow and there’s not a lot of action (minus one little part). It’s a really dense book and it just feels overwhelming because I don’t think that it will get better. I finally threw in the towel.


3. The Firelight Girls


Maybe I wasn’t in a good mood when I started reading this book because it has some pretty solid reviews online. But it was just not good or appealing to me at all. It’s about these girls who went to this camp, and now they are women, and the camp is going to get shut down so they go back for one last “hurrah.” I got about 50 pages in and it felt like a snoozefest.


4. The Time Traveler’s Wife


This is my book version of Silver Linings Playbook. You know, the movie that EVERYONE loved but I just… didn’t. I tried reading this book years ago and just could not get into it for the life of me. And I know after that, it turned into this huge movie and everybody said it was the best. Nope.


5. Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

This book actually made me hate reading for a little period of time because it was written so bad. I started reading the Janet Evanovich series after I heard from a friend that they were fun and easy to read.

Personally, I think that the writing is terrible and I cannot even believe that I made it through the first three books of the series. This was a really good lesson in it being an okay thing to quit reading a book if you don’t like it.



What is the last book that you had to stop reading? Do you try to push through or stop as soon as you don’t like it?

On the flip side, what book are you reading right now? I always am looking for recommendations 🙂

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