Happy happy Monday! This weekend was packed full of goodness, but didn’t seem to fly by *too* fast for once, which is nice — I’ll take it! We also got our first “real” snow (last time we only got a few inches and it melted away pretty quick, this one was about 6-7″ and here to stay for awhile). 

Before it started snowing, I ventured to Eau Claire in WI to go see my niece play in a basketball tournament. 

With my niece Alyssa | Crazy Running Girl

(She’s 11 — I can’t believe how grown up she’s starting to look! 🙁 PS, I bought this shirt online — I think it’s cute — but didn’t realize that it has gun icons on it… but it’s so cute!!). 


On the way home, it started to snow… and I didn’t think it was too bad until I hit the MN border (about 25 minutes from where I live) and saw a truck in the ditch. A few minutes later, I tried to switch lanes and hit some black ice — always a fun feeling (not). I slowed down a bit and once we hit St. Paul, nobody drove faster than 20 mph. Hello winter. 

I was really excited to wake up yesterday morning and go running because I knew it was going to look like a winter wonderland. 

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


And I wasn’t wrong — 10 miles in the books in what felt like a living snow globe. It was also really fun because there weren’t many people out, so an awesome opportunity to zone out and just… be. I love runs like that!  

One more winter adventure that was a must (well, two more) —> Minnehaha Falls! I wanted to see if they were froze over yet and sadly it hasn’t been cold enough (ha)… but it still looks amazing. 

Almost frozen Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Winter views in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


I also went to Target earlier in the day to buy a new garbage can (adult is fun, yo), found that their Christmas trees are 50% off and couldn’t resist buying a pre-lit tree for my apartment. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas | Crazy Running Girl


I had fun uncovering my ornaments and this one is probably one of my favorites:

Boston Marathon ornament | Crazy Running Girl


One last thing about my obsession with snow! This made me laugh so hard — especially since I’ve had the chance to live in all three of these areas and I’d say this is pretty accurate:

Snow in different parts of the country | Crazy Running Girl



I think it’s safe to say that I’m in pre-training mode for the Boston Marathon. Last week I knocked out 8 miles, this week I did 10 miles and I’m debating about 12 next weekend (or I might step back to 8 for a bit of a break) before I start amping it up on Christmas (yes, training starts on Christmas… with a rest day 😉 ). 

Last week, I set some goals for the week and let’s see how they turned out:

  • Fitness class: After I had three on the calendar, only one of them actually happened (barre) — which was a great workout and resulted in some sore muscles the next day. I’ll always take that!
  • Strength training: Umm I had a goal for three days. If you count the barre class, I did it once. I know. Terrible. Why is this so hard? 🙁
  • Running: I had a goal to run 5 times and I totally nailed this one! Sunday: 8 miles; Monday: rest; Tuesday: 3 miles; Wednesday: 5 miles; Thursday: rest; Friday: 3 miles; Saturday: 5k (more details on this tomorrow!)


Goals for this week? A little bit different because I’m traveling for work Monday-Wednesday:

  • Running 5 days
  • Strength training TWO days this week (I can do it!)
  • Kicking off ab workouts again (I used to do these daily and fell off the wagon… must. start. again. before marathon training really begins


How was your weekend? Did you get any snow? How much? 

Target or Walmart? (I’m Target for life)

How were your workouts last week? 



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