This past weekend, I ran my last race of 2016! I seriously cannot believe that we have come to this point in the year, but since I feel 2016 is going a little like this:

2016 summary | Crazy Running Girl


…I’m not going to complain too much. 😉

Anyways! Back to the Reindeer Run. I have had this race on my list for awhile (since I basically moved back to Minneapolis) and was excited just to have something on the calendar in December. I didn’t really have any goals for this race (always gunning for a PR, to be honest, but know I’m not in PR shape) and once I saw the weather, I just wanted to get out and run it: 


I showed up about 20 minutes before the race (parking is crazy around the area because there are about 3,000 people who run so you need to figure out where to park… I ended up parking on the southside of the lake in a neighborhood and had to walk about 5 minutes to get there, which wasn’t terrible). 

Once there, I jumped around and tried to stay warm (as much as I could in that cold of temperatures). The race started *almost* on time — they did the Star Spangled Banner and a few race announcements, and we were off at 9:35. 

The course consists of one loop around Lake Harriet, which was one of my go-to spots to run when I lived in Minneapolis before. I haven’t run it (except for the one part in Twin Cities Marathon) since I’ve been back so it was a good flashback to one of my favorite places to run. 

I layered up for this race (wearing a long-sleeve running shirt / this jacket / this vest) and also rocked the Launch 3s since they are a little lighter. Since it was so cold, my shoes were basically frozen and sounded like rocks hitting the ground with every step. Despite wearing gloves, I didn’t start feeling my fingers until about 2.5 miles in!

Throughout the race, I felt pretty solid — there were some hills about halfway through that threw my pace off a bit. Once I got around mile 2, I tried to work on that mental strength that I don’t seem to have — really pushing myself to get back down to about a 7:30 pace where it was uncomfortable. 

I ended up making it to the finish line with my Garmin reading a 23:14. One second faster than my 5k earlier this year and 19 seconds off my PR. Given the conditions plus my current fitness, I’m super happy with this time! 

Recapping the 2016 Reindeer Run in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Afterwards, we all got finisher ornaments (aww) and they had some food to snack on and hot cocoa… and Santa at the finish! Of course, it was so cold, I jetted to my Jeep as soon as I could. 😉 

Overall, I would recommend this race — just be ready for cold race temperatures and know that it’s not officially timed. I think it’s a fun holiday tradition to enjoy the December weather (I think it would have been awesome if it would have been snowing like it did Saturday night!). 


Do you like to run holiday races? Are there a lot in your area?

When is/was your last race of 2016? When is your first one for 2017? 


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