Yesterday I got back to Minneapolis after a few days in Michigan for work. And in true fashion, my roommates were not excited to have me back in the picture. 

Apollo | Crazy Running Girl


Quick side note —> I think I’ve mentioned before how hard it’s been to find some hairball meds for Apollo since he has such long hair and is such a groomer (Jax, not so much, hence the shaving). I finally found these pills from Vet’s Best:

Best thing to prevent cat hairballs | Crazy Running Girl


And they have been amazing in stopping his hairballs. Highly recommend! I just crush it and sprinkle on his wet food so he doesn’t even know he’s eating it. Sneaky sneaky. 

Before I took off on my flight, Spotify gave me a heads up that my 2016 playlist was available… so good. There were SO many songs that instantly brought me back to the spot of some particular memories, I love how songs seem to do that. My playlist (no surprise) was pretty much country and hip hop. I completely forgot about some of the songs I listened to on non-stop repeat earlier this year, like this one from Blake Shelton:

My top songs from 2016 according to Spotify | Crazy Running Girl


It also reminded me of my two-month obsession with DMX earlier this year. I think I listened to his greatest hits non-stop for a good chunk of time. Did you know that he actually has like 15 kids?! CRAZY. 

This made me laugh:

Hungry is legit an emotion | Crazy Running Girl


So did this:

What if Netflix... | Crazy Running Girl


Is anyone else with me in the whole not believing that Christmas is NEXT weekend?! How in the world did this happen? I feel like even though that’s the case, I have watched Elf a substantial amount this year (maybe even twice while I was out of town…). 



I have a few gifts that I need to send out this weekend so I started working on a fun DIY last night that I found on Pinterest to decorate your own ornaments… with crayons!

DIY melted crayon ornament | Crazy Running Girl


Basically you take the paper off the crayons, break them into pieces and stuff them in a glass ornament… take a blow dryer to melt and move them around to create a design and color combo that you like. I made a few, but I think this one turned out to be my favorite:

DIY melted crayon ornament | Crazy Running Girl


Oh so back to how Christmas is next weekend? You know what else that means? Training for Boston 2017 begins!! I cannot believe that it’s that time of year again, but I’m super stoked to be back in training (isn’t it crazy how when you are training, you start to despise it but as soon as you have no training on the calendar… you don’t know what to do with yourself). More details on what training will look like in the next few weeks. 



Do you do any DIY projects for Christmas? Tell me!

What were your top songs for 2016? What type of music genre do you prefer? 

Who else is running Boston!? When do you start training? 



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