So you know how I was talking about those awesome ornaments I made the other night in yesterday’s post? Apparently Apollo wasn’t a fan because he knocked one off the table and it shattered everywhere. 😐

All is fair in love and war, so a little payback was due:

Reindeer cat | Crazy Running Girl


Anyways, I shared my ultimate running holiday gift guide a few weeks ago and I am linking up with Rachel at Running on Happy to talk about my non-running holiday wish list. YES, one of those actually does exist! 

Sharing the top 5 things on my non-running holiday wish list! | Crazy Running Girl


1. Kombucha Brewing Jar

Kombucha brewing kit | Crazy Running Girl

I am OBSESSED with kombucha. Yep, hook line and sinker. (Read about my favorites HERE.) 

One of my friends sent me a link to this kombucha brewing jar a few weeks ago and it immediately jumped up to the top of my list! I would probably save a lot of money if I was able to brew my own. 


2. CHI Air Flat Iron


I actually just treated myself to this earlier this week. Mostly because my hair has become static city with the cold weather and I need to get back on the not washing my hair train to keep it healthy and happy. I have heard that these are the best, and they also had some amazing colors so I couldn’t resist. 


3. Book of the Month Club


I am a sucker for these monthly clubs (current subscriptions include Fabletics, JustFab and Ipsy — I don’t buy every month though!). I love the idea of a book of the month club because you can stay current with the freshest books as they come out. And with my goal of trying to read one book a month, it would be a great way to keep me motivated. 


4. Sewing Machine


SO funny that I now want a sewing machine because back in the day when I took sewing lessons (yes, that was a thing in small town Wisconsin!), I was like “I’ll never do this again.” But! I would love to have a sewing machine to make some fun things… including a race t-shirt quilt!


5. Time!

Running out of time | Crazy Running Girl


This is ridiculous because nobody can give you the gift of time, but I feel like this is what I need most in life these days! Balancing running, blogging, working, friends, family… all of it means that I don’t feel like I ever have enough time to get everything I need done. I mean, if only I could really be a vampire (minus the whole drinking blood part). Or maybe I can just find a sweet productivity app that would help… any recommendations?! 


What about you? What’s on your holiday wish list? 

Are you a member of any of the month clubs? Which ones? 

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