Happy Tuesday! The end of the year is just around the corner, and I’m happy that Courtney brought back the Year in Running link up this year!

I ran a lot of races this year — more than I’ve run in a LONG time. It included three marathons, four half marathons and a Ragnar — along with some other 5ks and fun distances.

I’m linking up to review 2016 and talk about my favorite running moments today. 😉

Reviewing my 2016 in running | Crazy Running Girl


Best race experience

Finish line photo at Grandma's Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


Hands down, Grandma’s Marathon. I worked my ass off for this race and I haven’t felt that ready for a marathon in a long time. I mean, I did set a new-old PR, which a PR always equals a great race experience. 


Best run


Oh man, this is so tough. I feel like this year was filled with so many amazing runs that just reminded me why I love running so much. I would have to pick my snowglobe run a few weekends ago, when I tackled 10 miles in the snow. It was a tough run, but it cleared my mind and there were some moments when I felt like everything was falling into place <— I LOVE when that happens on the run!


Best new piece of running gear

Winter running in the Brooks Cascadia Jacket | Crazy Running Girl

OK, you are all probably so sick of me talking about this jacket… but seriously, the Cascadia Jacket is by far my favorite piece that I’ve discovered this year! I love the fit and it keeps me SO warm. Plus, it’s stylish enough that you can wear it when you aren’t running, which is an extra bonus. 


Best running advice you’ve received this year



Running will be there. The first few weeks of the year, I just didn’t have the will to run… and it made me a little sad to be honest. It felt like I was losing my love for running, but it came back. Running will always be there, just be patient and let life happen. 


Most inspirational runner

With Meb, 2012 Olympic Trials | Crazy Running Girl

Meb. His performance in the Olympics was less than ideal for him, but he pushed through and crossed the finish (remember how he did the push ups after he slipped?). He has the heart of a champion and is always such an inspiration. 


Favorite picture from a run or a race this year

#StripAtNight | Crazy Running Girl


I had SO much fun traveling with Melissa this fall to Marine Corps Marathon and RnR Vegas… I think we nailed this picture from RnR Vegas!


Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat

2016 Twin Cities Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


Twin Cities Marathon! I ran this a few weeks after moving back to Minneapolis and my family came to watch. It was such an amazing race weekend and I love that race so much (my third time running it). It was just a great way to get welcomed back to my new home. 🙂


If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? 

Detangling. I think that’s a really weird word to relate to running, but I think it’s the best one that summarizes how I felt about this year. I feel like I finally realized a few important things about running (you can’t outrun a bad diet, you need to have better arm strength than a t-rex, the treadmill isn’t necessarily the devil) that helped me untangle a few goals and figure out where I want to go with things. Now that things are untangled, I hope next year is even better. 🙂


How was your year in running this year? What was your favorite race? 


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