I had planned to talk about how to dress for winter temperatures for today’s Running Coaches Corner with Susie, Debbie and Rachel, but life got a little chaotic yesterday (kitty at the vet for tests…more details tomorrow!) so instead, I’m sharing a post written by my favorite Kara from KaraRuns.com!

7 yoga poses to do before a run | Crazy Running Girl 
I used to wake up and be out the door running in 15 minutes or less. 
But somewhere along the line, I got older. (GASP!) I suffered from injuries.
Now, my body seems to be asking for a litttttle bit longer of a warm up. And if I don’t properly prepare? I’m basically asking for an injury (or at least a tough, achy run). I learned my lesson the hard way…but then I veered to the opposite; my pre-run routine became just about as long as my actual runs half the time. I was so afraid of not warming up enough. I’d be all “YAY I CAN’T WAIT TO RUN TODAY!” and then I’d remember I have a long warmup that adds more time to my workout and I’d eventually talk myself out of running altogether. 

Inline image 1I finally got organized and wrote down a routine that hits everything I need but without being excessive – it takes less than 5 minutes! 

While I prefer dynamic movements, I always start with a few yoga poses that help open the hips, increase flexibility and activate other muscles (like the glutes!) I’ll need for running. (Feel free to tack on any other poses to highlight the spots you know you need help with!)

7 Yoga Poses To Do Before Running

30 seconds each
  • Cat/Cow – I start with this to ease into movement and warm up the spine. If I’m a little bit dreading running, cat/cow is especially helpful because I’m typically already laying on the floor watching Netflix and trying to boost my motivation, so moving into cat/cow doesn’t take too much effort. Baby steps, right?
  • Happy Baby – Releases lower back, hips and inner thighs.
  • Bridge – Stretches the front of the body, spine and hips, and activates glutes and hamstrings. When warming up I repeatedly move my hips up as high as possible and then down to the floor, but you could also hold your hips up for the full 30 seconds.
  • Frog – Stretches inner thighs and hips. I think this is my absolute favorite pose because it hits deep in the hips where most poses don’t.
  • Pigeon – Stretches the glutes and hip flexors.
  • Crescent (or lunge) – Your knee can be up or down. This pose is strengthening if the knee is up, and with the knee down it’s great for stretching the hip flexors.
  • Malasana – Stretches the ankles, hamstrings and back. Opens hips and groin.


Sometimes I’ll finish with a couple rounds of sun salutations, and I always do different variations of leg swings, squats, walking toe touches and/or a few other dynamic exercises right before starting my run. (If it’s cold outside and I really need some warmth, I’ll throw in a 1-minute plank!)


What does your pre-run warm up look like?
Kara is a writer currently living in Los Angeles and blogging about running, fitness, wellness, and motivation. She wants every reader to laugh and feel empowered, balanced, and motivated! Find her at KaraRuns.com and chat with her on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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