Can someone please tell me how it’s going to be Christmas already this weekend!? I cannot believe how fast these past few weeks went, let alone this winter and fall so far this year. 

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I am definitely ready for a new year. 2016 definitely felt like this: 

2016 going to be my year... | Crazy Running Girl

Case in point: I woke up Monday to Apollo having a bloody nose and acting really weird. I did some Google research to find that he was either dying from cancer or maybe had a cold. I called my old vet that I used to take him to and they recommended bringing him in — so I took him in on Tuesday and ended up having to leave him there for a few hours for tests (ensue tears. lots of tears.). 

Apollo the Orange Tabby | Crazy Running Girl


The x-ray came back negative, and a day later the blood tests came back looking pretty normal across the board. He’s on antibiotics now and seems to be doing better, but that was not a fun 36 hours. And now? He gets to come back with me to Wisconsin for the holidays (I know, Jax all alone, I feel like such a jerk… but he HATES the car so much that I think he’d rather stay solo and party it up in Minneapolis). 

The good from this week —> a Wild game! I haven’t been to a hockey game in such a long time and this one didn’t disappoint. 

Go Wild, repping MPLS / STP Clothing Company | Crazy Running Girl


I love how much more fast paced the game is (still love football #1, don’t get me wrong) and how much action there is. 

Speaking of football. I’m headed to the Packers game on Saturday!



It’s been a few years since I’ve been, and I’m super stoked to go again (especially since this one has a LOT riding on the line). Look for me on TV. 😉

And because there isn’t enough randomness in this post, have you guys tried this on Instagram? 

What will you manifest in 2017? | Crazy Running Girl


Account name on screenshot —> I did it a few times and I also got strength and creativity. I like all of these. But. Will someone please fund my “more traveling”? My budget looks pretty low on the vacation fund right now. 😉 


If you did the Instagram screenshot —> what did you get? 

What’s your favorite sport? 

Where are you going for Christmas? 

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