Hey, hey, we’re just 48ish hours away from Christmas! How in the world did that happen!?

I have had a really fun holiday season thus far — I’ve done a lot of really fun holiday things that I haven’t done much of in the past (gingerbread houses, ice skating, the Macys holiday display, all the holiday movies, holiday races!) and it’s been awesome. Such a great way to celebrate the season!

Rachel at Running on Happy is leading up Friday Five by talking about holiday races, and I thought for a fun twist —> combining my favorite holiday movie with my favorite thing and talking about what Elf taught us about holiday races and running. 


1.  Pets are welcome.



And hey, you won’t have to worry about them chasing you since they need to be on leashes! Plus, what’s better than an event your furbaby can participate in!?


2. Costumes are best!


What’s the fun in a race if you can’t get festive!? And just like Elf said, the best costumes mean that you should be on a Christmas card. Maybe you’re just thinking ahead to next Christmas festivities already?


3. Holiday races are generally bigger than normal races



Holiday races are a great idea to get the ENTIRE family involved… and it might be a lot bigger than the races that you are used to, especially if you stick with smaller races within your city. But embrace it! Is there a better way to get festive than with a ton of runners? I don’t think so!


4. It will probably hurt. 


It’s a race so yes, it will be a little painful (even if you don’t push it super hard). Don’t forget that aspect —> even if you are just running a shorter distance, it still would do your body good to get some training in (even if you walk or hit the gym for some weights… it all helps!). 


5. But it will be awesome.



No matter what happens, YOU DID IT! A major accomplishment in the books, and Elf is super impressed. 😉 Celebrate it and mark it off as another fun thing to do every holiday season. 


Holiday races! Yay or nay? 

What are some fun holiday traditions you partook in this year? 

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