And, just like that… Christmas is over and it’s time to look forward to a New Year and all that it encompasses. I was talking to my mom about this yesterday — how it’s so crazy that we build up so much hype for 24 hours out of the year. I’m not complaining, because I LOVE building up the hype and all of the traditions… but it just goes by so fast that it does make me a little sad. 

Before I get into Christmas, let me back up a little bit! I got to Wisconsin on Thursday morning (it was an early start), worked that day and went out to dinner with my sister and one of our family friends — she used to babysit us when we were kids, and I babysat her son when he was a baby (I will not tell you how old he is now, because, it makes me feel very old). 

We had a snowstorm coming our way on Friday so that meant I couldn’t meet up with my friend Amanda (boo!), but I did get some sledding in with my niece and nephew before it got too terrible. 

Sledding in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


SO FUN… I seriously love how many holiday traditions I got to enjoy this year. It made this holiday season so much better than recent ones because — like I said above — hype. 

Another fun holiday activity? Packers game on Christmas Eve!

Cheering on the Packers at Lambeau Field | Crazy Running Girl


It was such perfect weather for it — about low 30s — and the game was phenomenal as well (FINGERS CROSSED we can beat the Lions!). From there, I headed to my aunt and uncle’s house for our annual Christmas celebration. 

On Christmas Day, we just hung out at my parents house (my sister and her family live next door) and opened presents later in the morning, followed by a delicious Christmas dinner (Swedish meatballs), numerous games of Farkel (my grandma’s favorite game) and lastly, ending with a few Catan tournaments. 

One of my favorite gifts that I gave this year —> this handmade mermaid tail that I made for my niece:

Making a mermaid tail blanket | Crazy Running GirlIf you’re interested in making one yourself, here is the pattern that I used. 


A busy, busy weekend filled with so much goodness! 

It also kicked off Boston Marathon training for 2017 —> HOLY COW! It feels weird to be back in training mode, but I am ready for it (it feels like forever since I ran a marathon even though that was just back in October! Ha! #obsessed). One of my Christmas gifts this year —> 

Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook from Shalane Flanagan | Crazy Running Girl


I am SO excited to try all of Shalane’s recipes! Just looking through the book, there are a ton of good ones and I’m excited to work these into my training cycle this time around. I’m going to start weekly recaps of my workouts (which will be more than just running!) next week, so stay tuned. 

Christmas with Apollo | Crazy Running Girl


P.S. This guy is feeling MUCH better! So glad that it wasn’t anything more than a severe upper respiratory infection that some antibiotics were able to take care of. 


How was your Christmas? Favorite gift you gave? Favorite that you received? 

What are you training for right now? 


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