It's that time! Recapping my 2016 along with an update on my goals for the year. | Crazy Running Girl


It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2016. It has been quite a year and I know that many people are ready to say goodbye to it. My life has changed immensely and it hasn’t been as much of an adjustment as I thought it was, which just reaffirms that everything I did was a right decision. Instead of focusing on the negative, I want to focus on all the great things that I experienced this year. 



Sunset while backpack camping in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl

So much travel… I headed to Colorado, Curacao, Washington, D.C., northern Minnesota (twice), Oregon for the Olympic Track TrialsWisconsin, backpack camping in Colorado, Las Vegas, Oregon, Barcelona… phew! My frequent mile accounts are very happy, my wallet is happy that I don’t have as many on the calendar this year and my mind and heart are full of awesome memories from some great adventures. 



Marine Corps Marathon 2016 | Crazy Running Girl

I set a new-old PR (managed to get the same marathon time as my current PR down to the second), ran another Ragnar, did my first Turkey Trot, celebrated my 10 years of running marathons at the Twin Cities Marathon, ran the Marine Corps Marathon and toured Vegas on foot at the RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon



Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


I moved to Minneapolis, bought myself a Jeep, focused on finding myself once again and made it a point to learn a LOT of new things this year. 


I would define this year as very bittersweet. It was very tough at times; but then at other times? I experienced more happiness than I’ve felt in years. I feel like (patting myself on the back) I became a much stronger person because of it and learned a lot more about myself. I’ve learned how to operate under high pressure and high stress, and come out on the other side better because of it. 

I set a goal earlier this year to focus on me and to put myself first because historically, I have not been that great at it. To get there, I set a few goals that I feel like I did a pretty solid job of trying to achieve (definitely didn’t hit them 100%, but so close). 


The Year of Me… 

Set a PR in any distance: SUCCESS. Well, I am calling it a success since I set my new-old PR at Grandma’s Marathon this summer. 


Try one new thing a month: SUCCESS. This was such a fun goal, and if you are thinking about adding something to your list of things to do next year, I would highly recommend this one! I tried so many cool things — here’s the full list if you are interested:


Read one book a month: MEH… almost a success. Why is this goal so hard for me!? It makes me a little sad because I love to read, but I just don’t have the time that I used to (maybe too many hobbies? 😉 ). If you count the books that I gave up on, I would say that I hit this one (one book short!).


Complete five craft projects: SUCCESS.

I had a big goal of completing 5 DIY projects in 2016... and completely nailed it! Check out what I completed. | Crazy Running Girl


Maybe I sucked it up at hitting my reading goal because I was so busy crafting it up. I totally nailed this goal and made some really cool things… some baby booties for a friend, a mermaid tail for my niece for Christmas, hats for our family Turkey Trot, a few baby blankets, an ornament for a holiday exchange with other bloggers, a terrarium and a glass sculpture!


Find balance: SUCCESS… but work in progress. I feel like finding balance is something that I’ll always be working on. Right now I’m struggling fitting everything in… there are days where I text my friends and tell them how I wish I was a vampire so that I could fit everything in. I did write a few posts this year that talked about my question to finding balance:


Overall, I’m happy with how I hit my goals this year! I feel like usually I write this post at the end of the year and am like, well, didn’t hit this one and here’s my excuse; and same here; and same here. So YAY!


How did you do with your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals? 

What was your favorite part of this year? 

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