I already am in love with 2017 because this happened:

Green Bay Packers, NFC North Champions | Crazy Running Girl

Yess… go Packers! Aaron wasn’t kidding when he said that we could run the table. 😉 


Saying hello to 2017 this weekend was a lot of fun —> I went to northern Minnesota (just north of Duluth) and rented a house with a group of friends. Hiking, games, eating awesome food… it was all on the agenda for the weekend and a ton of fun. 

North Shore, MN views | Crazy Running Girl


I also got in my long run! But more on that later on. I love the North Shore because it’s absolutely gorgeous in the winter and the summer. I want to get back up there this summer to hike the Superior Hiking Trail (recommendation from Scott Jurek!) and enjoy some more time outside. 

So, now that it’s 2017, there’s all of the hype around resolutions / a blank slate / etc. 


I know that it’s overdone, and only like 8% of New Year’s Resolutions actually come true, but I do love the idea of viewing the New Year as a blank slate. And as an opportunity to set goals and figure out what in your life you want to change. 

Tomorrow is the first blank page... | Crazy Running Girl


That’s why I like goals better than resolutions. Goals indicate a work in progress; something that you are striving forward… and it may not include a straight line to get to the end. Which is fine. 

Resolutions are a yes or no answer –> and for some reason, I think mentally, that’s a little challenging. You either pass or you fail. It can be overwhelming and especially if you set something huge, feel impossible to accomplish. 

Even if your goal for the New Year is a minor action, like drinking more water or eating more vegetables, it’s something that can make a big impact. Not only for whatever you’re trying to change, but also for your mental health — because you achieved it! So if you’re on the fence of setting a goal for this year, go for it. Give it a shot. Give yourself something to strive for and celebrate when you accomplish it. 

2017 | Crazy Running Girl

And now –> an update on Boston Marathon training!

Week 1 = complete

Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Su: Rest day (perfect for Christmas ;))
Mo: 4.5ish miles, easy
Tu: Rest day
We: 10 miles (!)
Th: Rest day
Fr: 5 miles, easy
Sa: 13 miles

Total: 32.5ish miles!

I also did some strength training on Tuesday and Thursday. Overall, it was a really solid week of training (I loved the extra rest days built in). I am super proud of myself for getting up early on New Year’s Eve and hitting the road for a run (along the Grandma’s Marathon race course, too!)… it was a perfect way to end 2016 and think back to all my memories over the year.

This time around, I’m back to the Advanced Marathoning training plan (love it — it’s what I used to qualify for Boston the first time) and know that it will just get tougher as the weeks go on, so I’m enjoying the rest days/easy run days for now. 


What do you think —> resolution or goal? 

What has been your favorite part of 2017 so far? 

How was your training last week? 

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