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Now that it’s officially 2017, it’s time to think about upcoming races! My calendar has already become a little aggressive… I just can’t help it, I’m in a new city and have so many new races that I want to check out! I think there will be several more that will be added to my calendar over the next few months and — I need your recommendations on some races that I need to fill in yet! 

1. Twin Cities Snowshoe Shuffle (Feb. 11)

I haven’t officially registered for this race, but it’s on my mind because I really want to try showshoe running! I know, how awesome, right!? I really want to try it at some point before I actually commit to a race (lol) and well, it would be nice if we actually had some snow on the ground. Come on Mother Nature, get with it!


2. Get Lucky Half Marathon (Mar. 11)

I haven’t yet registered for this race either as my birthday weekend is up in the air (I may be headed back to Colorado, because, skiing), but if I end up staying here in Minneapolis, I’ll definitely be running this race and using it as a training run for Boston (as you can tell, Boston is definitely the big goal for this spring). 


3. Goldy’s Run 10 Mile (Apr. 9)

I haven’t run a 10 mile race since I lived in New York City, so it’s been awhile. But, this race will be used as a training race for the Boston Marathon so I will not be going out for a PR. I am really excited for the opportunity to finish in TCF Bank Stadium though, so cool. 


4. Boston Marathon (Apr. 17)

Oh Boston. I am so incredibly excited to run this race again this year. It is such an honor and by far my favorite race ever (for so many reasons). This year, I’ll be flying out to Boston solo so it’ll be a little different than how I’ve experienced the race in the past — but I’m down for that! I think I can crush my current PR and get a fabulous time… I am so excited to ramp up training and see gains. 


5. Door County Half Marathon (May 6)

I am running this race with my sister and so excited! Remember when she ran the ZOOMA Half Marathon down in Texas with me a few years ago? She’s caught the running bug again and is ready to start crushing training… I can’t wait to see how awesome she does in this race! Plus, Door County is one of my favorite parts of Wisconsin so it’ll be fun to spend a weekend there. 


6. Grandma’s Marathon + 5k (Jun. 17)

I initially had no plans to run Grandma’s Marathon again this year, but started talking to Melissa about it and well… it happened. She’s going to come up and visit from Texas, and we’ve even committed to running the 5k the night before. I am so excited to head back up to Duluth, show Melissa the town and rock this race. I’m not quite sure what my goals will be —> it depends on what happens at Boston and how my recovery goes after that. 


7. RBC Race for the Kids Minnesota Half Marathon (Aug. 5)

I signed up for this race because it was a) cheap and b) part of a race series challenge here in Minneapolis, so how could I resist. With one of my goals this year to PR in the half marathon, I love the timing of this race to make it happen. I will definitely have to do some research because I don’t even know what the course looks like! (Um, a sign of an addicted runner, right?)


8. Mill City Suds Run (Sep. 9)

I am likely going to have a few more 5ks on the calendar this year, but haven’t done the research to figure out when they would be best (I think a May one would be warranted). But, this could be my chance to PR in the 5k like I’m aiming to do this year. This is also part of the Minneapolis race series challenge, hence why I registered so early on.


9. Reindeer Run 5k (Dec. 9)

I ran this race in 2016, and it was a lot of fun (despite being insanely cold). I am excited to have this on the calendar once again — I don’t think this will be my target for a 5k PR, but it’s a fun holiday race that would be fun to turn into a tradition. 



I’m still missing a few on my calendar… like a fall marathon or two. I am not entirely committed to 50/50, but the idea behind doing it doesn’t scare me so I am interested in potentially doing it. That being said, what fall marathons would you recommend? 


What does your race calendar look like so far for 2017? 

Minneapolis runners: Any other races to add to the calendar? 

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