So, in case you missed it –> I’m sticking with my goal of reading (at least) one book per month. Last year, I *almost* accomplished this goal — I was one book off, sad face! Since it’s only the second week of the new year, I’m on a pretty hot streak already. 

My first book of the New Year —> Brady vs. Manning: The Untold Story of the Rivalry that Transformed the NFL by Gary Myers

Reviewing the Brady vs. Manning book by Gary Myers | Crazy Running Girl


I mean, you guys know how much I love football so I was really excited about this book. I was envisioning it was going to be a little bit likeDuel in the Sun,” perhaps one of the best sports books that I’ve ever read (I mean, it is about the Boston Marathon so how can it not be fantastic). 

But, sadly, it was not. Before I get into it, here’s what the synopsis looks like: 

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are perhaps the two greatest quarterbacks of all time. They are living legends who have come to embody the quarterback position and shape an entire generation of the NFL. They have also been fierce rivals every step of the way, and their many epic duels have not only ranked among the best and most exciting games ever played, they have fundamentally shaped the lives of and careers of both men.

But for all their shared brilliance, they are a study in contrasts. Tom is the underdog turned ultimate winner, an unheralded draft pick who went on to win a miraculous Super Bowl and become the leader of one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties. He is as firmly associated with big game brilliance as anyone who has ever played. Meanwhile Peyton was born into NFL royalty and a mountain of outsized expectations, yet somehow lived up to and exceeded all the hype, claiming virtually every passing record along his path to football immortality.

The contrast in greatness—between the overachieving underdog and the crown prince of football, between postseason brilliance and statistical dominance—has served as an endless source of fascination for fans and media, and over the years as the two players have faced off again and again in classic games, the argument has only intensified.

In this extraordinary book, veteran NFL correspondent Gary Myers tackles this subject from every angle and with unprecedented access and insight, drawing on a huge number of never-before-heard interviews with Brady and Manning, their coaches, their families, and those who have played with them and against them. The result is a remarkable collection of the most entertaining and revealing stories ever told about Peyton and Tom, from how they developed their vastly different leadership styles, to the unlikely friendship they’ve built over the years, to their respective exploits as locker room pranksters.


Well, the book has a really good summary and a lot of people gave it positive reviews. Buttt, not a fan. I’m sorry. I felt like I was just reading a regurgitation of both of their Wikipedia pages, which were mashed together to give a comparison between the two… I thought there’d be a little bit more spice to it overall, with some analysis and color commentary around the relationship. But, ugh. It was just a data dump which is definitely not what I was looking forward to — I figured there’d be some numbers and data, but I was looking for some solid writing around that to tell a story. 

So, maybe you’d like it but I’m not a fan. And I’m also really sad, because this is the second book that I didn’t like from Blogging for Books. Third time is a charm?


Do you like reading sports books? What’s the best one you’ve read? 

What are you reading right now and/or what did you recently finish reading? 

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