So I’m going to switch up Thursday Thoughts a little bit and introduce a new topic for Thursdays… let’s get real. Earlier this week, I found out that I was included on this awesome list of the top 75 running bloggers and the person who nominated me said it was because of my “brutal honesty.” Decided to run with it. So, let’s get real. 

I’m so happy that the Boston Marathon shared their training clinic online.

Tuning in to the Facebook Live event with the Boston Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


Usually they host them at local running stores in Boston, and they always cover really cool topics so it’s a bummer that I can’t go to them. But! I think they are starting to share them online — at least they did a Facebook Live for the one earlier this week, where they had a nutritionist talk about nutrition for training for the Boston Marathon.

Let’s get real: I learned a lot of things, but the one thing that bothered me (not flaming the Boston Marathon, don’t worry!) was how the nutritionist kept sharing her top advice: eat real food. It makes me so sad that this is the way that we have to refer to eating these days. Eating “real” food should not be a struggle; it should be something that we do without having to think about it.


I finally tried the “Run Fast & Eat Slow” cookbook from Shalane!

Chili from "Run Fast, Eat Slow" by Shalane Flanagan | Crazy Running Girl

There are so many good recipes in this cookbook! I made some chili earlier this week and oh em gee, it was so delicious. There’s a good mix of vegetables, meat (which I need, hi anemia struggles) and it tasted even better leftover. I love that I have a ton frozen so when those lazy dinner nights strike… I have something that’s “real” food. 😉

Let’s get real: Texas destroyed my tastebuds. I feel like I dumped half the bottle of chili powder in the batch and it still didn’t taste spicy. Next time, I’ll be adding some peppers for an extra kick. 


I absolutely love this quote.

When you have to make a hard decision... | Crazy Running Girl

Because, let’s get real: Isn’t that the truth? You really don’t know what you want until you potentially lose what you want. I think I might try to carry a coin around with me for the rest of eternity to force me into realizing the truth for those tough decisions. 


What would you add to the “let’s get real” list for the week? 

What’s your “secret ingredient” in your chili? 

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