Hey, hey it’s Friday! Welcome to the weekend. 

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This weekend, I have a low-key weekend with a long run tomorrow (TBD if it’ll be outside/inside/combo of both) and heading out of town for a work trip on Sunday. Plus, of course, #football! (I have a love-hate relationship with the playoffs because it generally means that the season is ending… #sadface.)

So to celebrate Friday, I’m linking up with Rachel from Running on Happy to talk about the best dream vacations for runners. Mostly because these are some insane races that I want to do someday. 

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1. Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand | Crazy Running Girl[source]

I would love to go to New Zealand sometime in the near future. It looks like such a beautiful country. Besides running the Auckland Marathon, I would love to travel the countryside and experience the culture. I think this would be a fun place to skydive too. 


2. Berlin, Germany



OK, so Berlin is on my list for SO MANY REASONS but one of the main ones is to run the marathon! I almost registered for the lottery last year but I forgot. #coolstory

So, someday. I’ve heard that this the Berlin Marathon a great (fast) marathon and well, Germany has a lot to offer as well. 


3. Reykjavik, Iceland



This is kinda a cheater one on my list because I’ve been to Reykjavik before, but I absolutely love Iceland! It is such a cool country with some amazing culture and nature. I know a few people who have run the Reykjavik Marathon before and it sounds like an incredible race, so count me in for that too!


4. North Pole, Marathon

North Pole Marathon | Crazy Running Girl

Well you know how much I love cold weather ;), so why not enjoy it while running a marathon at the coldest place on earth!? Plus, you could potentially run into Santa. 

I would love to run the North Pole Marathon some day! I mean, doesn’t that picture above just look like an amazing time? (All of my Southern friends say NO hahah.) It just sounds like such a cool (literally) adventure and an experience of a lifetime. Plus, you fly in/out of Norway and that is definitely on my bucket list to visit sometime. 


5. Golden, British Columbia, Canada

Golden Ultra in British Columbia | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve wanted to go to Canada for awhile now, and I’ve heard a lot about the Golden Ultra. It sounds REALLY intense… three insane races over the course of three days? But you only live once. Plus, these views look incredible. I would love to run this race someday and spend some time afterwards (or maybe before, because my legs will actually be functioning) touring through Canada to see the sights. 


What is on your dream vacation list for a race? For just a vacation? 

Do you like to run races when you’re traveling? Why or why not? 

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