In case you missed it —> last year, I set a goal to try something new every single month and I crushed it. So here we are, a new year with new goals, but this one stayed on the list because it helped me branch out and force me to be a little bit more adventurous. 

January has brought about a new volunteer gig for yours truly! I used to volunteer when I lived in Minneapolis previously; I was a member of a board of directors for a local animal shelter and it was a super cool opportunity. I would love to have a similar role in the future, but in the meantime, I’ve started to volunteer with the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society as a bunny socialization volunteer (I know, so official). 

What does this mean? Well, basically I head over to a local pet store once a week and spend about an hour with a bunny that’s up for adoption. Bunnies are very social creatures, so just leaving it in a hexiglass with people staring at it during store hours doesn’t do much for it.

For the first few times, I took care of this bunny — Snowflake.

Snowflake the Bunny | Crazy Running Girl


Snowflake has since moved stores, so there’s a new bunny in town (no pictures yet, she’ll make an appearance on Instagram soon). 


This organization has volunteers stop by every day to clean out the bunny’s temporary home, put it in an exercise area and spend time socializing and playing with it. 


So far, I’ve learned quite a bit about bunnies. Some fun facts:

  • You can litter train bunnies like cats! This makes them good indoor pets (that and the human socialization factor). 
  • When bunnies are really happy, they click their teeth together to make this purring noise like a cat. 
  • When bunnies are mad at you, they will “box” you with their two front paws –> it’s cute but I don’t think they mean it to be. 
  • Bunnies can eat carrots, but only little pieces because they have too many calories for them. 
  • Bunnies really don’t like to be picked up (they think you are going to eat them) so they will growl or even bite you. 


It’s only been a few weeks, but it’s been a fun adventure so far. I feel so sad for the bunnies knowing that they only get out to enjoy life as they like it for an hour or so a day, but it is good to know that I am helping them.

What it's like to be a bunny socialization volunteer | Crazy Running Girl


Of course, everyone has one question for me: are you going to adopt one now? No, no plans on adopting one anytime soon. Given that bunnies need a lot of socialization, I don’t think it would work with my current life (aka the fact that I’m traveling two weeks out of this month alone is a good indication) and I also have two cats that may not be fans. Plus, I don’t think you can be a crazy bunny lady AND a crazy cat lady. I really need to make a choice here.  

P.S. If you are interested in volunteering with an organization that speaks to you, check out Volunteer Match. They have a lot of great opportunities that you can find specific to your area and narrow down based on causes that are important to you. I personally love supporting animal organizations for a variety of reasons. 


Do you volunteer? What do you do? 

Anyone have a pet bunny? All the details! 


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