Thanks for all of your positive feedback last week on the first edition of “let’s get real.” I’m having fun with it, so here we go with numero dos. 


Can we just talk about this fake news situation?

Maybe I’m a little biased because I used to work in PR (well, still kinda do), but really, this whole epidemic of fake news is just making me so mad. A, I am so tired of people reading something on Facebook and automatically assuming it’s true. 

Case in point, remember when this meme was going around!?

The billion dollar lottery question | Crazy Running Girl


Let’s get real: There have been a few times that I’ve read something on Facebook and almost fallen for it, but proceeded to fact check it and realized it’s far from the truth.

How do you fact check? Easy. Just go to Google, type it in and BAM, there will generally be something calling it out that it’s fake news. Also, look at the source. Is it from “”? Yeah, that’s not real. Stick to the publications that are actually respected in the news industry —> WSJ, New York Times, CNBC, FOX, CNN, etc.

I get that people will choose the publications they read based on where they lean politically because you want to read something that agrees with your viewpoint, but just be smart about your sources and take a few minutes to fact check. In this day and age, pretty much anyone can say anything and if you sound authoritative, people will probably believe you. 


I can’t believe I used to cook every night




The idea of cooking every single night is so insane to me. I used to make dinner each and every night, and was probably in the kitchen for at least an hour (on an easy night) prepping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Now, I have a tough time fathoming spending that amount of time for food because I feel like there’s 629 things I would rather do instead. 

Let’s get real: It just kinda sucks to spend all of that time in the kitchen to cook a meal for one person. Some nights I literally have a few forkfuls of cottage cheese, an orange and some kombucha and call it a night. Lazy? Maybe. But I appreciate the extra time I have to well, Netflix binge and surf Pinterest. 😉


Speaking of food… remember how I set a goal to eat “healthy” while I was traveling this week? 

Oh I had so many big plans… I wasn’t going to stray too far away from what I normally eat this week while I was traveling for work.

Let’s get real: It’s nearly impossible to eat healthy when you are traveling, unless you bring a lot of your own food (which I didn’t). I feel like anytime that you eat a restaurant, everything has a stick of butter added to it so while it might look healthy, it’s just so far from it. I mean, check out this salad:

Beet Salad from The Knickerbocker | Crazy Running Girl


Looks amazing, right? It’s from The Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids and was amazing. But I don’t even want to know the calories because… it’s probably scary. 

But then there are times where I know it’s going to be a struggle, so I just completely give up. Like eating way too many of these Crack Fries (SO GOOD): 

Crack Fries from Hopcat | Crazy Running Girl


It’s fine. Tomorrow I’ll be back to my protein smoothies, kombucha and cottage cheese. 


Do you struggle with eating healthy when you travel? What tips would you share? 

What’s the best “fake new” story you’ve seen online? 

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