Ahh Friday, hello there! I was lucky yesterday to get on an earlier flight back to Minneapolis so I landed about two hours ahead of when I was supposed to and it was soo nice to spend some time being lazy on the couch and continuing with my Grey’s Anatomy marathon. 

Grey's Anatomy, Denny scene | Crazy Running Girl


I am in my least favorite part of the show —> the whole Denny and Izzy thing just drives me crazy, anyone else!? I will always be team McDreamy, FTW. 

Since it’s Friday, it’s time for Friday Five with Rachel at Running on Happy! Today’s theme is to talk about winter activities, so I’m putting a little twist on it and talking about fun winter activities for runners.

Winter is here! And here are five awesome winter activities for runners | Crazy Running Girl


I feel like runners are naturally pretty active, so the idea that winter = not a lot of outdoor time can make us all pretty pent up and crazy. I think there are a few winter activities that are fun… and even give you a little extra cross-training in the process. 


1. Skiing/Snowboarding


Oh man, what can I say about skiing?! It’s my absolute favorite and I’m so lucky to be going on a ski trip to my favorite place (Steamboat) next weekend with some of my favs! I have only snowboarded once, but I would love to try again (just not in Colorado, probably more like Northern Minnesota). My legs are always dead after a day of skiing, so inevitably it’s a solid workout for your legs!


2. Hiking



I love hiking any time of year, and winter is no exception! This is from when I was in Colorado at Thanksgiving a few years ago, and there wasn’t much snow on the ground so I was able to hike in my running shoes.

But of course, if there’s snow, you need a little bit more coverage on the feet… which brings extra weight and a little bit more of a workout.

I feel like hiking (especially in Colorado) feels like hill repeats sometimes… 


3. Snowshoeing



I know, those aren’t snowshoes… but this picture was taken PRE snowshoe adventure, I promise! I love snowshoeing — it’s pretty relaxing but it’s actually quite a bit of work. I am also signed up for a snowshoe running 5k in February, which should be quite the adventure. I have no idea how this is going to feel or what it’s going to be like, but it will be interesting to try. 


4. Treadmill running?

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Ha, just kidding! I feel like there are definitely more treadmill miles during the winter, but there are also some really perfect days to get out and run.

Am I cheating a little bit by having this one on the list? Maybe. But I mean check out that view from a winter run earlier this year… you can’t beat that! It’s so calm and peaceful. Plus, a little bit of a challenge if there’s still some unpacked snow on the ground. Just be careful — you don’t want to end up hurt. 


5. Curling!

Learning how to curl


If you have a curling club in your city or town, check to see if they have a learn to curl or open curling session. Just do it and trust me! It’s so much fun and you can’t help but smile the entire time that you participate because it’s such a unique sport. Plus, a pretty good workout (and I’ve heard a lot of curling clubs have bars in them like bowling alleys… how is that not fun!?


BONUS: Sledding

Talking about my favorite winter activities... including sledding! | Crazy Running Girl


OK, so I admit, I did cheat a little bit on #4 so I’m adding an extra one… sledding! I went sledding at this monster hill in my hometown and I can tell you that it was quite the workout. You get to enjoy the ride down for about 12 seconds and have a few minute walk up a hill, while wearing boots and layers upon layers of clothes.

I had so much fun with my niece and nephew (in this picture) and you feel a little bit like a little kid again. 


P.S. If you want to check out my favorite non-sporty winter activities, check out my blog post from last winter. 


What are your favorite winter activities? 

Have you ever done snowshoe running before? Tell me more!

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