I swear the weekends go by faster and faster, and I just wish I had one (or maybe even two) more days sometimes so I can fit in everything that I want to do. Before I get into a training recap, some important weekend highlights:



The Packers lost. I don’t know if you watched the game, but it was painful. It was sad. But there’s always next year. The one thing that drove me the most crazy was that we were at a bar and there were Vikings fans who put on their jerseys and went to the bar to cheer against the Packers. I get not liking a team, but come on, that’s a little bit ridiculous and made me eye roll a little too much. 


Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller | Crazy Running Girl

I finished reading a book. I KNOW. Who am I?! It’s only January and I’m already two books in. My friend Katie (behind this awesome company) and I signed up for the Book of the Month Club that they have been advertising everywhere, and this was our first pick. I’ll have a full review up later this week! So check it out. 


Pad Thai in St. Paul | Crazy Running Girl

I ate Thai for the first time in a long time. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love Thai food. I never found any good Thai food in Austin (maybe I didn’t look in the right places?) but this was delicious. So delicious. I always order Pad Thai and get a little ambitious with the spice level… but I guess that’s the only way that you can tolerate more spice, right? 


Trying out the VIM & VIGR Compression Socks | Crazy Running Girl

I tried out some new compression socks and… thumbs up! I actually won these Vim & Vigr socks in a contest that Jennifer hosted on Instagram, and I absolutely love the fit and the color combination! They were perfect to wear after my long run yesterday. 

P.S. I made the decision this year not to continue with PRO Compression; it’s an amazing organization with some amazing people and I have no hard feelings, it was a personal decision to focus my efforts elsewhere on my blog.


The headless cat | Crazy Running Girl

My cat lost his head? Not really… but seriously, how is that comfortable? 


And now –> Boston Marathon Training Week 4 Recap

I can’t believe I’m already four weeks in to training! Isn’t it insane how fast time flies when you are marathon training? Well, right now, ask me in a few weeks how I feel. 😉 I was traveling last week for work so the week itself was a little insane with long days, late nights and little sleep. BUT, I’m super proud of myself that I hit all of my runs! Old me would have been like traveling for work? no time! I did slack a little on my strength training goal, but baby steps. 

Running in Grand Rapids, MI | Crazy Running Girl


Anyways! Here’s a recap of my miles:

Su: rest day
Mo: 9 miles with mile repeats (4 miles at 7:40ish pace / 5 miles at 9:30ish pace) on the treadmill 
Tu: 5 miles, easy (11:11 avg pace)
We: 10 miles (I ran with a work friend who got hurt 🙁 so we walked a bit until he got an Uber –> 10:18 avg pace; without the walking, it was closer to a 9:00 avg pace)
Th: rest day
Fr: 4 miles, easy (10:06 avg pace)
Sa: 17 miles (9:15 avg pace)



I added in my paces this week because I know it can be helpful to see what it means to run “easy” or what long run paces are. Next week is a “recovery week” in the training plan, which works out well since I’m off to ski for the weekend and will not be doing my long run (I figure that skiing and hiking more than makes up for it!).


What are your important weekend highlights? 

Did your team make it to the Super Bowl? 

How much did you run last week? Have you ever gotten hurt mid-run? 

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