I am on my way up to the mountains right now in beautiful Colorado and so excited for a weekend away from life. Don’t worry though, I have a fun blog post scheduled for you tomorrow about the Boston Marathon and will be sharing updates about my trip on Instagram

But for now, it’s time for let’s get real… where I get a little honest about some things on my mind. 


I marched on Saturday. 

Women's March in St. Paul | Crazy Running Girl


I went back and forth about talking about this on the blog. I try to keep this as far away from current events as possible, because sometimes we need an escape. But I just read this article, You are Not Equal. I’m Sorry

And I think it’s a really good read. Whether you agree with the Women’s March, whether you don’t feel like you live a life of inequality, it’s worth a read. 

Because, let’s get real: My life is pretty great. I live a very, normal life. Yes, I’ve fought like hell to get where I’m at and worked my ass off to have what I have.

But, it’s a normal life.

I don’t have a lot of complaints.

And when I do, it’s stupid stuff, first world problems. I haven’t suffered through a lot of bad stuff — some bad stuff, but in relation to what other people have gone through, it’s not bad.

So even if you don’t agree with the Women’s March, or the timing of the march, or if you want to place blame on someone, I just ask you to think about the why and what the broader message was for the march. It’s a fight that women have been fighting for decades, and it has never stopped. And it won’t stop until there’s equality. It may not be as visible as what happened last weekend, but the fight is still happening.  



Speaking of first world problems…

Minneapolis at night | Crazy Running Girl

My power went out earlier this week and luckily, my friends who live a few blocks away weren’t affected so I used it as a great excuse to catch up with friends as I waited for my power to come back. 

Let’s get real: Last year had a lot of shitty, bad moments. It was about a year ago when I made the decision that I would come back to Minneapolis, and it was my North Star for most of the year. 

Now that I’m back, I feel like I’m finally at home. It feels good to have that feeling after being a wanderlust for a long time. It feels like last year was so long ago, and I think it’s because how settled in to life I am now. It just feels right. And I love that feeling. 



And because we can always use some comedic relief…


So as a blogger, I get a lot of emails from different companies and people who want me to try different products and services. I usually don’t review many of them (only the ones that I really think are relevant to my life as a runner and what you guys would be interested in hearing about), but I must admit this one had me laughing pretty hard yesterday:

Swampy butt cure | Crazy Running Girl

If you have anyone with “swampy butt” issues, now you know exactly what to get them. In case you need the site —> SwampButt Underwear


Do you feel like where you live is “home”? Where are you from and where do you live now? 

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? 


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