Well, I had every intention in the world to get a post up yesterday but it just did not happen. We got back to Steph’s house late on Sunday and by that point, we were all so exhausted… I don’t even think I could’ve thought straight to write a post! And then yesterday was a travel day, so yeah. 

But! That doesn’t mean I’m going to skimp on my recap from the weekend. I have tons of pictures to share too! We started the trip by going to my favorite brewery called Big Beaver. They have some really inappropriate beer names, but they are hilarious if you have that type of humor. 

Big Beaver Brewing Company | Crazy Running Girl

And, the beer is good. What else could you ask for? 

In Steamboat, we went skiing (well, I skiied, Steph and her fiance snowboarded) two days.

Colorado skiing views in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


The first day, we even did some skiing through trees! This a view about halfway down the slope we went through the trees (this was also after I lost a ski — no worries, it was found a few minutes later). 

Colorado skiing views in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


And then of course, we have to stop and get a Bloody Mary at the top of the mountain. 

The best Bloody Mary | Crazy Running Girl


Four Points (the lodge) easily has the best Bloody Mary that I’ve ever tasted in my life. When you are at the bar here, it’s amazing how many Bloody Marys go out the door (fun fact: I never liked Bloody Marys before this one, and I never liked stouts/porters before Big Beaver. Colorado is lifechanging). 

Skiing in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


In addition skiing, we spent a day on the ice fishing. 

Ice fishing in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


Every year, Steph and her fiance host a friends tournament for ice fishing. This year, the pot to the winner was $265!! I was really hoping that I’d have some beginner’s luck, and it looked like it early on:

Catching a 15" trout in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


Butttt then the whole beginner thing happened and I had a few bites (tip ups were not allowed) and couldn’t get them to bite. Even so, that 15″ fish I caught was more than enough for me to be happy with the day. 

And just because Colorado is gorgeous, a few more pictures:

Skiing above the clouds in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


Colorado skiing views in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


Colorado skiing views in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl



Boston Marathon Training – Week 5 Recap

Stone Arch Bridge, Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


Holy moly, I can’t believe that I’m already into week six of Boston Marathon training! This past week was a recovery week and I took it one step further and took the weekend off from my long run (skiing + hiking in Colorado were a good replacement I think). I think that mentally, I really needed the break too. I was starting to get to that point of exhaustion in training… but a break helped a TON (I ran 10 miles yesterday and it felt amazing, physically and mentally). 

Anyways, a recap from last week!

Su: rest day
Mo: 8 miles with 10×100 stride outs (9:32 average pace)
Tu: 5 miles easy (10:22 average pace)
We: 8 miles (9:38 average pace)
Th: rest day 
Fr: skiing
Sa: rest day/hiking

Total miles: 21


I did kinda fail on my goal to strength training 2x a week… I only made it ONCE. I KNOW. This is the second week in a row. This week will be better. I will get back to twice a week at least. 

Just because you might need a smile this Tuesday —> Steph makes these amazing handmade dog sweaters (seriously, check them out!) and because of Jax’s new haircut, she thought he could use one to stay warm in the winter. 

Jax in his sweater | Crazy Running Girl


He seems to love it! I was super surprised because usually he is such a baby. 😉


Bloody Marys —> yes or no? 

How was your weekend?

How do you get over the mental block in training? 


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