Oh hey Thursday, you sure snuck up quick! No complaints here because weekend = sleeping in = yay!

Speaking of which…

Why in the world do you always feel like you need a vacation from a vacation?

Colorado skiing views in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


I swear this happens every single time I go on vacay! I love being on vacation, and generally am pretty active on my trips (vs. just lounging around)… but even so, this past weekend, I averaged around eight hours of sleep a night, and I still feel exhausted. 

Let’s get real: Vacation is always worth the negative side effects, even if it does mean that you basically have to operate as a zombie throughout the week following your trip. This was also my first trip in a long time where I did *not* work the entire time… so mentally, I feel pretty refreshed!


Speaking of traveling, TSA is driving me crazy!



So last May, I opted to pay for TSA Precheck. Little did I know, it was going to be a hassle and a half to change my name after the divorce was finalized.

I contacted TSA in early September to update my name, and here we are about five months later, and it’s STILL not updated. It makes me so mad because I paid for this service and was unable to use it throughout my crazy busy travel time over the past few months. 

Let’s get real: It does not take five months to re-type my name in a computer. I even called and asked if I could just go to a screening center, show my proof of name change and move on, and they said no! But I feel like I’m stuck in a rock and a hard place, because you really can’t mess with TSA because all of a sudden I’ll be on a no-fly list (I did get an intense pat-down in Denver earlier this week…).

Anyways, it’s just super frustrating and annoying because I know they can change it quickly —> Delta is a global company and it took them less than 48 hours to change my name!


Did you hear about the man who ran for 19,000+ days straight?

Ron Hill runs for more than 19,000 days straight | Crazy Running Girl


This is absolutely incredible! Ron Hill, who is 78 years old, ran for 52 years and 39 days straight. He had to stop running because of an illness. He’s also a really speedy runner and won the Boston Marathon in 1970 (and has completed more than 110 marathons in his life!). 

Let’s get real: I love running a lot, and it’s such an important part of my life… but I don’t think I could run for that many days straight. I don’t think I can run for more than four or five days straight without starting to feel burn out. Kudos to anyone who can streak (and who’s body lets them streak)! So amazing. 


What’s driving you crazy this week? 

Have you ever done a run streak? How long did you go? 

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