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I took a few weeks off from bunny socialization volunteering because I was traveling for work and for fun, and it was good to be back last night! 

As it’s Friday, it’s time for Friday Five with Rachel from Running on Happy. This week, the topic is focused on home gyms and equipment. Over the years, I’ve accumulated a number of things that are perfect for a home gym workout. 


Before we get to that, let’s talk about the benefits of a home gym and working out at home.

Obviously it’s hard to get as much equipment as a “real” gym, but with the right things, it can be a pretty solid workout. 

One of the things that I love most about having workout equipment at home —> no excuses. You know those days where it’s just a struggle to get out of bed, let alone thinking about going through the door and having to see other people in the gym? Yeah, they happen. With a home gym, you don’t need to worry about that. Throw on random clothes (they could even be dirty, who would know?) and just get it done without having to even leave your home. 

No judgement. OK, I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons why I have a hard time going to the gym is because I really don’t feel confident in my routine and feel better knowing that there’s not someone judging me for the weights I’m using, the exercises I’m doing, etc. I mean, I do have Jax who has to be the most judgy cat in the world, but it’s most likely because I should be feeding him or something. 

No cost. Well, there’s a little bit of a cost —> you have to accumulate your workout equipment. But, it’s not an ongoing cost like the gym. So it just feels cheaper for you budget overall. 

Side note: I am not saying that the gym is a terrible place, I’m just sharing my own personal experiences and reasons that hold me back from being like OMG THE GYM. I know some people love it and I envy you because I wish that I felt that way. Having a home gym helps me quite a bit. 

Anddd back. 


What equipment works best in your home gym? 

It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For me, building up arm strength is by far the most important thing. I have a few kettlebells and a killer jump rope from Muscle Ropes. Next up? I’d love to get a bosu ball or even a normal exercise ball. 

It also depends on how much space you have! If I had a whole room dedicated to my own personal gym, I would definitely have a lot more. But right now I have a 2’x2′ corner to store everything in my apartment. Someday. 


What’s a good home gym workout? 

There are a lot of different workouts that you can do when you are in your home, whether you have equipment or not. I’ve found that body weight exercises are sometimes the hardest workouts! But to get you started, I’m sharing one of my favorite routines that I can do right at home.

Home gym workout routine | Crazy Running Girl


For the weights —> you can use free weights, or you can use a kettlebell (for the hammer curls, for instance, just do one arm at a time). 



Do you have a home gym workout that you love? Do you like going to the gym? 

What fitness equipment would you love to have at home? 

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