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And just like that, another start to the week! Even though I had a super low-key weekend, it felt like it went by really fast. 

I was really tired on Friday (you know, that whole trying to recover from vacation thing) so I opted to have a low-key night with this guy:

Jax the Maine Coon | Crazy Running Girl


And of course, it was because I had a long run the next morning… isn’t it funny how your mentality starts to shift as a runner? 

You know you're a runner when... | Crazy Running Girl


Not saying I’ll never go out on a Friday night again, but it definitely makes my long runs so much better when I know I’m not exhausted going into it. I did get a late start to my long run (left the house around 9:30), which was nice to not have to run in the dark and also get a little bit of a warmer temperature. 

This was SUCH a hard run. I’m not sure if mentally I wasn’t in it, or if it was just my body exhausted after a long week of running, but it was HARD. I also took a different route that had a lot more hills so that could’ve contributed to it. I ended up averaging 8:59 per mile, which is right where I need to be, so YES for that. 

Afterwards, I recovered before I headed out with some friends to some breweries in St. Paul. St. Paul and Minneapolis are super close together (a good chunk of my long run was actually in St. Paul!), but I hardly ever venture that way so it was fun to go over to the other side and see what it was all about. 

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company in St. Paul, MN | Crazy Running Girl

I officially love this brewery for its name (and the beer was pretty solid too). 

On Sunday, I finally took a break from my Grey’s Anatomy marathon (not quite sure why I’m so addicted, but rolling with it) to check out Finding Traction, a documentary about ultra runner Nikki Cambell as she takes on a 273-mile train in Vermont.

Finding Traction documentary | Crazy Running Girl


It was REALLY good and I recommend it if you are looking for something new to watch!


Boston Marathon Training – Week 6 Recap

Garmin after a tough 18-mile run | Crazy Running Girl


I cannot believe that I’ve already been training for the Boston Marathon for six weeks already! I mean, I can, because I’m getting to that point where I’m just tired and feel sore all the time — which is a good thing. Almost halfway through training already! 

Last week was a solid week of training with three double-digit runs on the calendar. Holy. Cow. Recap:

Su: Skiing in Colorado
Mo: 10 miles with 5 mile repeats (8:52 avg pace per mile)
Tu: Easy 4 miles (10:19 avg pace per mile)
We: 11 miles (9:30 avg pace per mile)
Th: rest day
Fr: 7 miles with 8x100m stride outs
Sa: 18 miles (8:59 avg pace per mile)


Total: 50 miles!

My goal for 2x strength training in the week —> I did one kettlebell workout this week and need to get back on the train of doing strength training. I will never understand why it’s such a mental challenge for me to go and strength train but I can go out and run for a few hours, ha! Work in progress…


How was your weekend? What show are you currently addicted to? 

What time is your bedtime on Friday/Saturday usually? 

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