I am so excited because today is a rest day. I have grown to love rest days as much as I love my days where I’m running. I remember the first time I trained for a marathon, I didn’t get the point of rest days and would try to run through them — thinking duh, I’m training for a marathon, obviously the more miles I can tack on, the better!

Ha, was I wrong! I may use today as a chance to walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes or so, and follow it up with an arm routine — but nothing straining the legs. These dogs are a little tired (and I still have 35+ miles on the calendar the rest of this week). 



OK, enough whining. 😉 

And on to today’s topic for the blog. I am SO very excited to announce that I have an amazing adventure on the calendar later this year… 

The Golden Ultra in Golden, British Columbia, Canada | Crazy Running Girl(source)



Yes, I’m going to run the Golden Ultra in British Columbia, Canada in September! And I don’t know how I did it, but I convinced Melissa to run it with me. 

#StripAtNight | Crazy Running GirlFrom our shenanigans in Vegas


I have been wanting to run an ultra and an international race for quite a long time, and am so honored to the team at Golden Ultra for making this happen. 


So, what exactly is the Golden Ultra?

They have a few different races options — you can do The Golden Ultra, the Half Pint, or any combination of the races. I will be pursuing The Golden Ultra, which includes three races:


All of these races take place in the beautiful Canada mountains, so that means these races are going to include a lot of elevation climbs and descents. That means that there’s going to be some intense training that’s going to happen to make this a reality. 

I haven’t yet thought about my training (I mean, it is like seven months away), but I do know that I have two marathons on the calendar (Boston Marathon and Grandma’s Marathon). I am thinking about running the Afton 50k on July 1 and potentially a trail marathon in August (maybe the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Wisconsin?) to help with training.

The one thing I have learned about ultra running is that it can be extremely dangerous if you go into it not trained and unprepared for what the elements might throw your way (they even tell you to bring bear spray, because you know, bears), so I am going to take this quite seriously to make sure that I am prepared the best that I can be. 

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Have you ever run an ultra? Tips? What can I be doing now to prepare? 

Have you ever been to Canada? What did you like about it? 

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