So, way back when, Thursday became my favorite day of the week because there was such a good line-up on TV (aka Friends and Seinfeld) and I used to get SO excited to get home and watch it when I was in middle school/high school, and it still sticks around as my favorite day!

"A moo point..." | Crazy Running Girl

I also love that I have my new post series — let’s get real — on Thursdays. It’s becoming one of my favorite things about this day, and I hope it is for you too!


Since when did we become a society where we can’t just say “good job”? 

Lady Gaga and her "belly" | Crazy Running Girl


This. Drives. Me. Crazy. I tweeted this earlier this week but people were actually ridiculing Lady Gaga for being “pudgy” during her Super Bowl performance. Are you flipping kidding me? I have so many issues with this. 

For one –> have you seen her? She is NOT pudgy. If her abs are considered pudgy, I would love to see what these so-called critics think of mine. 

Also same point –> have these people ever bent over? It’s not fat if your stomach goes a little bit over your pants. It’s called gravity. 

P.S. Why is this being covered in such depth on Men’s Health? They filed it under weight loss!

Secondly –> I am starting to get SO annoyed that, no matter what ANYBODY does, there has to be an opposition that critiques it for some ridiculous reason. I know the internet has fueled this because people feel like they are so much more powerful behind a screen. 

Third —> I also love how people tried to make it into her “copying” Pink by her flying stunt. Also, ridiculous. We are getting to the point where if I say I’m going to the grocery store on Sunday, somebody is going to claim I’m copying them. 



Let’s get real… and just celebrate the amazing performance that Lady Gaga put on! I think she has an amazing voice, a rocking bod and she put it ALL out there on perhaps one of the biggest stages for performers. And, I also love her response to it all. 


Can we finally stop talking about how running will ruin your knees?

Running will ruin your knees! | Crazy Running Girl

This is one of the least favorite things I hear from people when I talk about running… 

Good luck walking when you get older!

You know that kills your knees, right? 

All those miles aren’t good for you!

Let’s get real:  Study after study will come out and people will still believe that running will ruin your knees. I seriously think it’s an excuse that people use so that they can be like “oh I’d love to do that but you know MY KNEES…” 


Have you tried Shalane’s new cookbook (Run Fast, Eat Slow?)

Recovery Quinoa Salad from "Run Fast, Eat Slow" | Crazy Running Girl

I got this for Christmas (well two copies, oops 😉 )… and I’ve tried a handful recipes out of it and oh my goodness, they are all so tasty! I made the Recovery Quinoa Salad (pictured above) and ate it for every lunch/dinner this week until I ran out (and then almost cried) (ok, exaggerating a little).

I was really surprised I liked it as much as I did because it had a LOT of kale and no matter what society tries to tell me, that stuff just is does not taste good.

Let’s get real… I feel like Shalane basically poured all of her fueling secrets out in this book and considering how amazing she is, I’m soaking it up. If only I could steal some of her talent too… 😉


What’s your favorite day of the week? 

Did you watch Gaga’s Super Bowl performance? What did you think?

Runners —> what other things do you hear why running is “bad” for you?



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