Happy Friday! Today I am linking up with Rachel at Running on Happy in honor of Friday Five. The theme today is “love” and something has been on my mind lately —> the love-hate relationship I have with marathon training. 

Dealing with the love-hate relationship with marathon training | Crazy Running Girl


I love being able to push my body and challenge myself. Marathon running is unlike anything else and I feel like it drives me to be a better person, and for that reason alone, I absolutely love it. 

I hate the constant state of exhaustion that I’m in during marathon training. I feel like I become a little bit of a recluse because there’s nothing better than just taking a nap or going to bed early because I am just so dead tired. 

2016 Twin Cities Marathon | Crazy Running Girl

I love knowing that I am getting stronger each and every day. It’s such a great feeling finishing a workout knowing a pace that two or three weeks ago was so hard to hit, is now feeling a little bit easier. 

I hate those really really tough workouts. Like the one that I had yesterday. They are inevitable when it comes to marathon training, but it can be such a drain on your brain and make you feel like you are failing. 

Nom nom nom | Crazy Running Girl

I love that you are basically a bottomless pit during marathon training.  

I hate that you are basically a bottomless pit during marathon training. 

I love those moments alone, you and your run, settling in to a few hours in front of you with no phone, no emails, no screens… no nothing. Just you… and your mind. It is oddly calming and it is perhaps the ability to relax mentally that makes me the happiest when I’m in training. 

I hate thinking that every ache and pain is about to turn into a major injury and sideline me. 

Finish line photo at Grandma's Marathon | Crazy Running Girl

I love that feeling when you cross the finish line. Regardless of if you hit your A, B or T goal, it feels like such an amazing accomplishment and you can’t help but be proud of yourself. for that moment. 

I hate feeling like I’m never doing enough for my goal and questioning the process. The process is the process; and you need to trust in the process. But every day, I think about what else I could be doing and it can set you in a spiral of panic. 



BONUS: I love that marathon running has become part of my identity and the fabric of my being. Marathons are a special event and a very special group of people can say that they’ve run a marathon… and I love being part of that community. 


What do you love-hate about marathon training? Running?

Weekend! Who’s racing? What’s the #1 thing you’re looking forward to this weekend? 

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