Is it fair to start my weekend recap on Thursday? Like I mentioned, I love Thursdays and I feel like they are the day that really kicks off the weekend. 

Empty Bowls event in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


This past Thursday, I went with a few friends to an Empty Bowls event. I feel like they host these around the country (maybe under different names), and they are such a great idea. At this one, a local pottery studio donated some bowls that they made — so you entered, picked out your bowl, made a donation and then got to fill it up with soup from a local restaurant. I went for a vegan chili that was delicious! 

Like usual, I overplanned my Saturday so I opted for a chill Friday night (plus, I was trying to wrap up a craft project #oldlady). I always feel like I’m drop-dead tired on Friday nights and I don’t know how in the world I used to stay out super late. Is this a sign I’m getting old? 

Post 17 mile runfie | Crazy Running Girl


I woke up early on Saturday to get in 17 miles + rush to a 5k + run the 5k and get home (full recap of the 5k up yesterday if you missed it). My volunteer organization (for the bunnies) had an event that afternoon, so after chilling out for an hour, I drove to that to meet some of the other volunteers, which was fun! 

Finally, later that night, I had some time to chill out and catch up on my Grey’s Anatomy binge. How did I completely forget that Izzy and Karev got married!?

Netflix binge: Grey's Anatomy | Crazy Running Girl


I’m starting to realize I forgot a lot of what happened in this show. I don’t know how that happened. Good thing I’m bingeing it. 😉

I also had this insane craving for some carrot cake and couldn’t find anyone in the neighborhood that delivered, but there was a place in downtown that did so I pulled up Door Dash and found some crazy prices. 

Splurging on carrot cake | Crazy Running Girl


But seriously, my body needed the carrot cake at this point so I went for it. Sometimes you need to splurge.

And it was SO worth it. SO worth it. 😉

Two other things —> 

I’m so excited to be part of the Brooks RunHappy Ambassador team this year, and received a really sweet video message from Brooks’ CEO Jim Weber (who is a Minnesota native!) to welcome me back on the team, and answer one of the questions I had for him — how he balances life as a CEO with working out/spending time with family: 


I think that’s such a great way to do it! My nephew has come along for some of my runs (he rides his bike while I run) and I’m always in awe how working out just changes your bond with someone — we’ve had convos that otherwise I don’t think we would have had if we weren’t out on the roads together.

In other news, I have a fun trip coming up with the RunHappy Ambassador team in March in New Mexico, and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

And secondly, Runspirational featured me in a fun 13.1 Q&A about my running adventures! Go on over and check it out.


Boston Marathon Training Week 7 Recap

Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, MN | Crazy Running Girl


I cannot believe I am already seven weeks into training for the Boston Marathon! I am starting to find that my paces are getting faster without any added effort, and it makes me so happy! This was my highest mileage week thus far, and here’s what it looked like:

Su: rest day
Mo: Easy 6 miles with 6x100m stride outs (10:05 avg pace per mile)
Tu: 12 miles (9:19 avg pace per mile)
We: rest day
Th: 10 miles with 5x1600m repeats (this workout was awful, it was hard, I had no fun — I cut it short by a mile. But I got it done and I’m counting that as a win) — I did 4 miles on the treadmill, 6 miles outside so no idea what the pace was (6 miles outside was @ 9:34 avg pace per mile)
Fr: 5 miles, easy (10:08 avg pace per mile)
Sa: 17 miles @ 8:59 avg pace per mile // 5k with 3.1 miles @ 10:02 avg pace per mile

Total mileage: 53 miles!


I also got back on track with my arm workouts (yay me!) and did one kettlebell workout, and followed it up with a workout in the gym with TRX and weights. I’m also working on doing more ab workouts because I will need strong abs when it comes to the Newton Hills. Work in progress. 

Oh and lastly, I saw this quote this weekend and I love this perspective: 

You never know what worse luck... | Crazy Running Girl


Do you do crafts? What’s your favorite craft?

What was your favorite moment from the weekend? 

What’s your favorite dessert? 

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