Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship, single or anywhere in between, I do love Valentine’s Day for one thing –> it’s a great day to think about those that you love in your life and also, think about everything that you do love! 

I am currently in the realm of dating, and it’s not something that I love. I’m not going to lie, it sucks pretty hard. But what doesn’t suck? Living my life for ME and not being in a terrible relationship that continued to break me as a person.

I haven’t talked much about what led me to file for divorce last year, mostly because I want it to be part of my story instead of defining me. And I’m still a little scared to put my story out there. Maybe someday that will change, but just right now, right now it doesn’t feel the right time. 

But what I do know I’m ready to say is that, even if you feel hopeless, if you feel embarrassed, if you feel like it’s your fault, if you can’t imagine how much different/happier your life would be if you got out of a bad situation, believe in yourself.

(For those that feel like it’s your fault/embarrassed —> this quote helped me so much: If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will jump out; but if the frog is put in cold water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death.)

YOU deserve the best of the best, YOU need to fight for yourself. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not going to be fun. But, when you look back on where you used to be and how far you’ve come, that will give you the strength you need to keep fighting for what you deserve. 

And so yes, dating sucks. But what doesn’t suck is having the opportunity to find my person. To find the person that is supposed to bring me up and make me a better person and vice versa. 



And now, in honor of Valentine’s Day… Some of the things that I’m loving!



1. Ghost Crop Running Tights

Reviewing the Ghost Crop Running Tight | Crazy Running Girl

Brooks recently sent me the Women’s Ghost Crop Running Tights to try out and since it’s still chilly (despite being another warm month on record here in Minnesota, ugh), I have been wearing these for my indoor workouts.

They are a lighter material (perfect for those spring runs that are coming our way!) and have a really great fit (minus us shorties —> these are supposed to be crops but they are full length). I do like the room in the pockets and the flexibility. I’ve been wearing them for strength training and my treadmill warm-ups and they have been fantastic.

Plus, how fun are the colors!?



2. Columbia SkinCare Probiotics

Reviewing the Columbia SkinCare Probiotics | Crazy Running Girl


The thing with winter weather is that, even if it is slightly warmer than usual, your skin gets SO dry. So dry that it actually hurts! I am getting used to this once again and have struggled to find anything that means my skin doesn’t look like scales by 3 p.m. (sexy, I know). I have been trying out the Columbia SkinCare Probiotics and I’m a fan! It’s definitely a thicker cream that keeps my face from drying out too much without adding a layer of grease that usually means breakouts. 



3. Oranges

When life gives you lemons... | Crazy Running Girl


Every single time I train for a marathon, I have a weird craving that goes along with the training cycle (previous ones include pretzels, animal crackers, grapes, pickles). Right now, I’m in love with oranges. For dessert, for a snack, with my breakfast… whatever it is, they taste so fresh and good! I think this definitely wins as my marathon training craving for this round. 



4. Planning out my race calendar



I think I spend a little bit *too* much time on Running in the USA trying to pick out future marathons and races. Now that I know I’m going for an ultra in the fall, I need to figure out timing for another marathon or two. I think I could swing a marathon in August for training and Melissa and I have been talking about potentially running St. Jude’s in Memphis in December.

But! There are SO many cool races out there that it’s hard to narrow it down. I may or may not have a spreadsheet with a list of the marathons I really want to run someday…



5. Black by Dierks Bentley

Black by Dierks Bentley | Crazy Running Girl


For the first five weeks of the year, I was absolutely obsessed with Zac Brown Band’s “Tomorrow Never Comes.” I’ve finally moved on and am now obsessed with “Black” by Dierks Bentley. Such a great song. Maybe another five-week repeat jam coming up? 😉


P.S. How is this comfy?! He was legit sleeping:

Maine Coon sleeping position | Crazy Running Girl


Do you get obsessed with songs and play them on repeat? What’s your favorite song right now? 

What are YOU loving right now!?

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? 

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