One of the things that has changed for me over the years of running are my running shoes. I have run in the Brooks Glycerins since 2011 but I’ve started to integrate other shoes into my training so that I don’t run in them all the time.

Depending on what/how you’re running, I think it’s important to have different shoes (good perspective on this HERE)… different terrain requires different flexibility; and if you are running different speeds, it also changes it. So, this is how I break down my running shoes right now:

Wearing the Brooks Launch 4 during strength training | Crazy Running Girl


Why Brooks? I started running in Brooks in 2013 after I went through my whole shoe snafu (more HERE). I came across them after I went and did a gait analysis at a running store and tried both Asics and Brooks, and Brooks worked for me better. They tend to have a wider toe box (although this has narrowed a bit in recent models of their shoes) and fit me the best — I like sticking with one brand because it offers consistency to my body (same materials, same manufacturing principles, etc. 

If you are unsure about what shoes you should run in, I highly recommend going to a running store and doing a gait/stride analysis. They often video it and based on your foot strike and some other factors, will give you a recommendation on what you should wear while running.

The only caveat I have for this is make sure to do your research! When I was in Florida, there was a running store that received some extra bonuses for selling Mizunos and I was wrongly fit for a pair because of this reason and ended up sidelined for two months from running! If you go, get your shoe recommendations and check out Runner’s World Shoe Advisor to get specifics on fit, cushioning, etc. Running shoes can be make or break for injuries so it is worth it to do as much research as you can. 


So now that you know everything about my shoe history 😉 —> time to get to the post! The Brooks Launch 4 review. 



Fast Facts about the Brooks Launch 4

  • Neutral running shoe
  • 7.5 ounces
  • 10 mm drop
  • More forefoot cushioning than heel 
  • Good for medium/high arches



My Thoughts on the Brooks Launch 4

A preview of the Brooks Launch 4 | Crazy Running Girl


The Brooks Launch 4 have the same drop as the Glycerins, which make them a perfect way to transition to a lighter shoe (almost two ounces lighter). Note, the coloring on the shoe makes the heel cushioning/drop look ginormous. It is not. This lightness is due to them having a little bit less cushioning (especially in the heel) than the Glycerins. 

Top view of the Brooks Launch 4 | Crazy Running Girl


I like how these shoes have a snug foot — they fit comfortably against my feet and once they get broken in, there is some flexibility so they work well for cross-training beyond just running. I like how the tongue stays in place (that is one thing that drives me crazy about running shoes) and I have enough room in the toe box for my toes to wiggle, but not slide around. 

The one thing I’ve noticed about these and the Launch 3 –> they get a little clunky if you run in REALLY cold weather. They slap against the ground and sound like you are throwing rocks to the pavement. I am not sure if it’s the rubber that the soles are made from, but it feels like they freeze. I’ve only noticed this if it’s below 15 degrees. 

Trying out the Brooks Launch 4 | Crazy Running Girl


I have made the decision that I will be wearing these for this year’s Boston Marathon. The extra two ounces will make a difference once I get to mile 21 and it feels impossible to make a step forward 🙂 so I’ll take any little advantage that I can get. 

If you have the Brooks Launch 3, and are wondering what’s new, from Brooks: Updated with an extra hit of rebounding rubber under the forefoot and a redesigned heel that lets your neutral stride shine. 

And, if you are super interested in a pair of Brooks Running shoes —> I am giving away a pair (along with some other goodies!) on my Instagram! Today is the last day to enter so head on over and get your entries in HERE

I am linking up with Rachel, Susie and Debbie for Running Coaches’ Corner today! Details below:


How many different types of running shoes do you wear? 

Anyone else run in the Brooks Launch 4? What do you think? 

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