This weekend, I headed back to Wisconsin to celebrate my nephew’s birthday with him. I cannot believe that he’s already 14 — I remember when I could hold him and he was no bigger than the length of my arm between my elbow and wrist. (P.S. does this mean I’m old? I feel like this is what you say when you’re old.)

[four years ago!]


Hunter the lab | Crazy Running Girl

Before I get into our birthday fun, let’s back up to Friday —> I worked from home (with a new furry officemate) but took a quick runch (I had six miles on the schedule). 

Winter running in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl

It was SO warm in my town… mid-40s to be exact! I didn’t even wear my running vest *shocker* but did enjoy getting to see some snow since we don’t have any here in Minneapolis. That night, my parents and I headed to my favorite casino in Wisconsin for some fun (and I won $56!). 

Northstar Casino | Crazy Running Girl


We rounded out the night with pizza and a Catan tournament, which is always exciting since we of course each throw in $1 per game. 😉

Wisconsin running | Crazy Running Girl


On Saturday, I kicked off the day with my 15 miler and my nephew joined me for most of the miles, which was fun to have someone to chat with along the way. I gave him an option of what he wanted to do for his birthday day and he opted for Pokemon hunting and some time at Xtreme Air

YES, Pokemon hunting is still a thing! Apparently they just released gen 2 Pokemon so it’s exciting again. My nephew definitely gave me all the info I needed to stay on top of what I need to know, so if you have questions, let me know and I can ask him. 😉

Pokemon hunting with Brayden | Crazy Running Girl


I was just happy to be outside and enjoying the beautiful weather:

Lighthouse in Neenah, WI | Crazy Running Girl

A view of the ice in Neenah in February | Crazy Running Girl[and yes, those black specs? those are CARS on the ice!]


From there, we hit up Xtreme Air for some jumping and Icees. I hope he had as much fun as I did for his birthday weekend. 🙂


Boston Marathon Training Recap Week 8

This week was another tough one. I am following the Advanced Marathoning training plan and bumped up my mileage this time around. While I love how tough the plan is, sometimes I don’t because it can be so draining. I know that it will pay off on April 17 (less than two months to go!). 

So, here’s what my training looked like last week:

Su: Arm workout
Mo: Easy 6 miles (10:50 avg pace)
Tu: Easy 6 miles (9:52 avg pace)
We: 14 miles (9:23 avg pace)
Fr: Easy 6 miles with 6x100m stride outs (9:49 avg pace)
Sa: 15 miles with my sidekick for 8:57 avg pace per mile


Total miles: 47 miles!


I only managed one arm workout this week (sad face), but one is better than nothing! This week I have a “recovery” week, which means a few 8 milers and a short 14 mile long run! I’ll take it —> hopefully my legs will stop being sore and my body will be a little less exhausted. 🙂 


What did you do this weekend? 

Anyone else still into Pokemon hunting? 

What did your workouts look like last week? How do you stay on track when you’re sore/tired? 

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