I can’t believe it, but I’m already coming up on about six months of living here in Minnesota. Amazing how fast the time has gone; it kinda feels like my life in Texas was a thing an eternity ago. 

So how are things in Minnesota? They are pretty great. I finally feel at home (which I know I’ve mentioned before) and it feels good to be settling into a place and starting to build roots. I don’t really know how to elaborate more than that —> I love my job, I have a great group of friends and the culture is pretty amazing here. I have a lot more exploring to do and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings me. 

One thing that is a lot different —> running. Running in Minnesota vs. Texas definitely has its differences, with some much better and some not as fun… 

10 differences between running in Minnesota vs. Texas | Crazy Running Girl 

1. I can finally say goodbye to that running shorts tanline 

Getting ready to go tubing in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl

I was just reading on the NY Times that the average temperature in Minneapolis hovers just below 50* (yes, for real!) and Austin was much closer to 80*. Looking at pictures from last summer, I definitely had quite the runner’s tan that I don’t think will be as much of a struggle this year. 


2. I can also say goodbye to those REALLY hot runs

Post-Yassos selfie | Crazy Running Girl


Ugh, running in the summer in Texas was just disgusting. I probably should have spent some more time on the treadmill, but hi stubbornness. Those runs where it was already in the 80s in the AM, even before the sun came up? I will not miss that. 


3. But I’ll kinda miss all the sweating


I don’t know, there’s something about finishing a run and being DRENCHED in sweat (ew) that makes you feel pretty badass. I might miss that a little bit. 


4. I really do miss Town Lake


I loved loved LOVED running around Town Lake. It was filled with SO many runners, and there were so many parts of it that were just beautiful. I do miss having the opportunity to run that 10-mile loop that I probably ran hundreds of times when I lived in Austin. 


5. But I’m actually happy to have some hills (it’s true!)

Boom Island Park in Minneapolis, MN | Crazy Running Girl


There were some solid hills in Austin, but they were kinda hard to get to based on my running routes. There are some monsters here in Minneapolis (thanks to bridges) that are right on my running trail and I can tell that it’s making me a better runner (aka glutes on fire every day). 


6. The change of seasons is refreshing

Winter running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl


We’ve had a pretty mild winter this year, so maybe this perspective will change next year. But, I do enjoy having different seasons to run in — I think it makes me a better runner and gives me a chance to appreciate what each season brings about. 


7. There are SO many different races to run here

2016 Twin Cities Marathon | Crazy Running Girl


The thing about Texas is that it’s REALLY big. Which means it’s really hard to get to other states if you just want to adventure out for a new run. I’m only 30-ish minutes from Wisconsin, a few hours from Iowa and a few hours from North Dakota. That means it’s pretty easy to branch out if I get tired of the races here in Minnesota (which I doubt, there are quite a few). 


8. I definitely miss my running friends


My friend Casey and I used to run together sometimes; and while Melissa and I never officially ran together, we knew that we could vent to each other about a race or a run and the other person would get it because they most likely ran it too. The good thing with friends is that you can always make them in new places. 🙂 


9. I also miss some of the races down in Austin

3M Half Marathon - Finish


All of the good races are starting to come up (3M Half Marathon, Cap10k, etc.) and I’m kinda sad I’m not there to run them once again. I knew this was going to happen, but I’m also kicking myself for not running the Austin Marathon while I lived there. There were some good ones, that’s for sure (even if the weather made them a bit less fun)… but I guess that’s what airplanes are for, right? 


10. But, I have a lot to explore

Fall running in Minneapolis | Crazy Running Girl

That’s one of my favorite things about running in a new city; there is so much to explore — from new running trails to races, it just makes it a little bit more exciting to know that you can venture out and try something new every run. I’m excited to keep challenging myself in doing this and seeing how it goes. 😉 


Have you ever moved to a new city? Where did you move from/to?

What do you love/hate about where running where you live?

What’s ONE thing you have on your wish list to do in your current city?

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