I was supposed to go to a Lil Wayne concert this weekend but in true fashion, he canceled it the last minute (this has now happened to me 2-3x with his concerts… *insert eye roll*). My friends had asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to join them for a trip up north but I couldn’t because of said concert; so when they texted me mid-day Friday and asked if I wanted to head out after work, I was in!

Happy hour at Bent Paddle | Crazy Running Girl

We drove up to Duluth and made a stop at Bent Paddle Brewing, which has some of my favorite beer in Minnesota (the list is long). Our final destination was Grand Marais, where we met up with some of our other friends and grabbed dinner together (I had an amazing walleye sandwich, you seriously cannot go with fish up here). 

The next day, a group went skiing in Lutsen but we had heard that the hill was REALLY icy because of recent rain and wind, so I opted to hang out with my friend Katie who also didn’t feel like dealing with the ice (it ended up not being that bad but with a trip to Colorado/Boston around the corner, didn’t want to risk it). 

Hiking Artists' Point in Grand Marais | Crazy Running Girl


Hiking Artists' Point in Grand Marais | Crazy Running Girl


We did a little hiking to Artists’ Point and went to the cutest bookstore in the world. Seriously, if you are ever in Grand Marais, stop here. 

For lunch, we went to the Crooked Spoon Cafe (such a cute name) and the cream of leek soup was so amazing:

Cream of Leek soup at Crooked Spoon | Crazy Running Girl


After that, we took advantage of the blustery day to chill in front of the fire and I started reading one of my new books, which is by a Minnesotan author and follows the life of murdering merpeople (I know, I couldn’t resist). 

Reading "Lies Beneath" | Crazy Running Girl

Our day wrapped with a stop at Voyageur Brewing Company and some pizza from Sven & Oles.

Flight at Fitger Brewhouse | Crazy Running Girl

We headed back to Minneapolis on Sunday and made a quick pitstop at Fitger Brewhouse in Duluth. 

Such a great weekend and I love having spontaneous adventures like this. These are the moments that make the best memories. 🙂


Boston Marathon Training Week 9 Recap

Minneapolis morning run | Crazy Running Girl


This week was a recovery week, meaning there were no double-digit runs during the week! My body really enjoyed that, ha. As you can see, I didn’t run my long run on Saturday morning like I typically do but did it yesterday afternoon when I got home. It felt absolutely amazing… I think the extra rest day was a good thing (but ask me how it feels later this week, ha).

So, I’m going to cheat a little bit on how I tally my miles for the week:

Su: rest day
8 miles @ 9:23 avg pace / strength training
8 miles with 5x600m sprints with 90 sec jog in between @ 9:06 avg pace
Easy five miles @ 10:39 avg pace
rest day (strength training) 
8 miles with 8x100m @ 9:30 avg pace
🙂 14 miles @ 9:01 avg pace

Total: 43 miles!


AND, I nailed it –> two strength training days for the first time in a long time. I also started doing a push up challenge to try and build up these t-rex arms so let’s hope I get some baller arms from that. 😉

This week is back to reality with a tough week, wrapping up with a 20 miler on Saturday (my second this training cycle). 

Oh, and I have to share this –> how many points do you get? I have 3! (no lost toenail, no beer mile, no ultra… yet). 

Runners, Never Have I Ever | Crazy Running Girl

What did you do this weekend? What was your favorite part?

Runners! How many points did you get? 

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