Have you heard about the whole “in like a lion, out like a lamb” for March? Apparently they don’t teach this down in Texas because whenever I used to say it, everyone thought that I was a nut job! Given the weather, I think that it’s in like a lamb —> which means we probably have some winter weather coming our way for the rest of the month. It has been too easy of a winter. 🙂 

March is one of my favorite months… because, birthday! But since I’m talking about that later, let’s talk more about February. February was a pretty fun month —> I spent some more bunny volunteering (but sadly, our bunny passed away this weekend… sadface). 

Bunny up for adoption | Crazy Running Girl


And headed back to Wisconsin for a weekend with family for some Pokemon hunting with the nephew. 

Pokemon hunting with Brayden | Crazy Running Girl


I registered for my first ultra (and kinda freaked out). 

The Golden Ultra in Golden, British Columbia, Canada | Crazy Running Girl


I tried to run a snowshoe run, but Mother Nature had other ideas… so it was more of an ice run. 

Long Lake Regional Trail in Minneapolis, MN | Crazy Running Girl


I finally ventured to St. Paul to check out some of the breweries with friends, which was a lot of fun!

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company in St. Paul, MN | Crazy Running Girl


This may be my most favorite picture from the month (he was sleeping):

Maine Coon sleeping position | Crazy Running Girl


And lastly, I CRUSHED my miles. I cannot even believe that I put that many miles on my legs this month — I think this might be my highest mileage in one month ever:

Recapping what my February 2017 looked like --- srcset= including LOTS of miles! | Crazy Running Girl” width=”499″ height=”499″ data-id=”10791″>



Update on my goals

  • Set a PR in the 5k and the half marathon: Well, I currently don’t have either of these distances on the brain but I’m hoping that my marathon training (and more strength training!) will help me get here. 
  • Try something new every single month: Well, this kinda fell through after my Snowshoe Run turned into a trail run… but can it still count since it was the first time I did a trail run in the winter? There were a lot of mini new things that I tried, but I don’t think notable enough to count for this.
  • Read one book a month: Umm, so how about the fact that I read THREE books in January, but didn’t read any in February? I am actually in the process of reading two books — both about halfway done — so I’ll make up for it in March.
  • Strength train at least two times per week: I would say I’m still at a C (which was what I rated myself in January). I hit it a few times, but not every week, and I seriously need to do more of this in order to get that PR in Boston. 
    • January = C
    • February = C
  • Get my age of money up to 45 days: (here’s my first post about You Need a Budget (YNAB)). I made some AMAZING progress on my age of money this month! I am actually really close to this goal… but that will change after I spend what I’ve saved for Boston in April. 🙂  
    • January = 15 days
    • February = 34 days 


Your favorite posts



What’s up in March

Hey Girl, Happy Birthday | Crazy Running Girl


Like I said, March is my birthday month so hey girl hey, it’s going to get crazy. 

Not really, but we can pretend. 

Actually, I am headed to Denver next week for a weekend of breweries, skiing and ice fishing in Steamboat, with some hiking/remote work/hanging out with college friends before I head to New Mexico with Brooks for an amazing trip with the Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors!

Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors in Eugene, OR | Crazy Running Girl


Beyond that, I’m still searching for my “something new” for the month (any ideas?) and excited that this is my last full month of training for Boston (CRAZY).

And, supposedly, Lil Wayne’s concert is rescheduled for the end of the month… I’ll believe it when I see it. 😉


Since it’s Wednesday, I’m linking up with Rachel, Susie and Debbie for Running Coaches’ Corner! Details on how you can join in below. 


What was your favorite moment in February? Did you hit any major goals? 

What are you looking forward to in March? Details on spring trips!

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