I am SO excited because in one week, I’ll be on my way to one of my favorite places:

Colorado skiing views in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


Yes, skiing in Colorado! I am looking forward to a week in the snow, since apparently, winter doesn’t like Minnesota this year. 😉 


Don’t ever go to IKEA without a shopping list

When you go to IKEA without a list | Crazy Running Girl

The other night, I headed to IKEA to grab some things since it was a sale on some things that I needed… and well, since I didn’t have a specific list, I kinda walked out with a little bit more than I thought I would. Like a super cute cat pillow. And a cactus. P.S. If you need to go to IKEA, Tuesday night is the night to do it! It was SO dead and kinda nice to wander without the crowds. 


Cheaters never win

You most likely have heard about Jane Seo She is the runner that was recently caught cheating at a race in Fort Lauderdale. Basically she cut the out-and-back course short by about 1.5 miles, took second place, convinced the race director she didn’t cheat and then biked the course so that her Strava data would match. You can read more HERE

I have heard so many differing opinions about this and I am on the side that cheating is wrong, and that she should be stripped of her medal/time/etc. I think that Derek over at Marathon Investigation does great work trying to uncover and stop cheaters… especially when it comes to the Boston Marathon. Any squeaker (who is so close to getting in, it depends on the time of others) will tell you that it’s so disappointing to see cheaters get in year after year after they pour their heart and soul into training and someone just trades their bib so they can get a guaranteed entry. 

What does that do for you? Part of the excitement about Boston is being able to talk about how you qualified to get in (even for charity runners, talking about the fundraising journey is a big deal!) and finally toeing the line knowing that you suffered through the blood, sweat and tears to get there. 

Moral of the story? Don’t cheat. It’s not good for you, not good for anyone else and well, Derek apparently will do a really good job of catching you. 


On a happier note, introducing Northmade Co.!

Introducing... Northmade Co! | Crazy Running Girl


I am SO excited for two of my closest friends who yesterday embarked on the next journey of their business with the launch of Northmade Co.! If you’ve been reading CRG for a really long time, you may remember when I did an interview with them a long time ago about Scared Panda, which became Minneapolis / St. Paul Clothing Co., which is now Northmade Co. I think they’ve done such an amazing job of having their brand focus on what the company represents (hence the most recent change). 

And, I’m also super excited to join in as an ambassador with them this year (although Jax thinks this is for him)! I am currently an ambassador for Brooks Running, Run Janji and PROBAR. This year, I’ve made a decision to focus on companies that truly speak to who I am and what I represent. 

So, stay tuned for more info on Northmade and some of the great stuff they are doing in the Twin Cities this year! And if you are here in Minneapolis, you should come out for the launch party in April! I will be there. 🙂 


IKEA —> yay or nay?

What do you think about cheating? Do you think there’s a “gray” area?


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