It’s so funny to think about when I first started running and I really had no clue what I was doing. I had a pair of old shoes and just some random shorts and a t-shirt, and went out and ran. Now, my closet has grown to have different shoes for different distances, all the dri-wicking fabric and all the gear in between too. 

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And over the years, I’ve learned some tips and tricks — running hacks — to make the sport a lot more fun too. 


1. Always search for a coupon code before registering… shopping… anything

I always pop whatever I’m buying (running or not) in Google with “coupon code” at the end to see if there’s some deal that’s out there that I can take advantage of. I’ve managed to get some discounts on races, and a lot of discounts on shopping for gear.

One of my best tips —> if you are shopping for new shoes, go to Google Shopping and type in the name, model and size and it’ll pop up all the places where you can buy them, along with estimated tax and shipping costs. I’ve bought my shoes from some random places (think like mountain gear suppliers) but saved $30ish in the process. 


2. Don’t want wet feet? Put some duct tape over the top of your shoes

I love running in my Gore-Tex shoes, but I get that they can get expensive. Just put some duct tape over the top and wah-lah, you have some rain guards that will keep your toes warm and dry no matter how bad the rain. 


3. Keep rain out of your eyes with a trucker hat

I don’t know how other people feel with contact lenses, but one of the reasons why I hate running in the rain is because my contacts just feel like they are going to pop out. I’ve tried running in sunglasses but they tend to make it SO dark that I can’t see what’s going on… so go for a trucker hat! The brim will keep the rain off your face and your contacts will be happy… plus, if you have long(er) hair, it won’t end up like a rat’s nest afterwards. 


4. Thinking about miles as “change”

This has become one of my favorite race/running strategies in the past year or so, and I think I started thinking this way when I was running in the Texas heat and it was so hard to stay motivated for those last few miles. Instead of thinking “four miles to go,” I’ll switch it up and tell myself three and change… two and change… and my favorite, just change — knowing that it’s less than a mile to go and repeating that in my head makes it feel not that terrible (especially on those runs that seem to take forever). 


5. Other races make the best training runs

I get it, when you’re training for a race, it gets boring to do all of those miles by yourself… and I think that signing up for other races switches things up and can be the best training runs. Just make sure you aren’t going overboard and crushing your paces and leaving nothing in the bank for race day (especially for marathon training). 


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What are your favorite running hacks? Do you do any of these? 

Weekend plans! What are you up to? 

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