A year or so ago, I wrote a blog post talking about the five fitness trends that I’ll never try (still have never tried any of those, by the way). I know that there are a ton of other ones that have popped up over the past year or so (including doing yoga with cats? no, just no). 

Today I’m switching it up and talking about some of the fitness trends that I love — especially for runners. There are some great ones out there, but I’m just narrowing it down to five: 

1. Orangetheory Fitness


I cannot believe how much Orangetheory Fitness has blown up over the past few months. I think it’s awesome to see that it’s taking off because it is such a great workout. I canceled my membership when I moved from Austin to Minneapolis, and it makes me a little sad because I can tell that my t-rex arms are starting to come back. There just isn’t a location that works with my life right now (hi, OTF, can you change that?).

Why OTF? I love the combination of cardio with strength training and the focus on form vs. speed. It’s an hour-long class and goes by so fast because you are constantly switching up your stations. 


2. Running Classes

Hitting the treadmill for some miles | Crazy Running Girl


There are so many treadmill running classes that are popping up all over the country. I heard about it first in NYC — so many of my friends have tried and rave about the Mile High Run Club. One just opened in Minneapolis — Fly Feet Running — that I’m super excited to try post marathon training. 


3. Candlelight Yoga

Cat yoga meme | Crazy Running Girl


I’m not sure if this is a new fitness trend, but it’s new to me, so it totally counts, right? I definitely want to try a candelight yoga class — it feels like it takes the relaxing element of yoga to the next level, and maybe that would help my brain relax a little bit more and actually enjoy yoga (and not get super bored). 


4. Athleisure Running Shoes

Brooks Running PureFlow 6 Running Shoes | Crazy Running Girl


Sometimes I have the worst memory (aka I’m the person that makes a list for the grocery store and leaves said list on the counter…) so if I have to pack for a run after work, I usually forget something important. Like shoes (totally have done this before). I love the new trend of “athleisure” running shoes (like these from Brooks), aka the ones that don’t necessarily scream “hey I’m a runner” so you can wear them throughout the day. 

(Note: these wouldn’t be my main shoes for running because I think that running shoes work best when they are only for running, but I like having the option.)


5. Foam Rollers


This is a trend that I haven’t yet caught on to… unless you count foam rolling once a month as that. 😉 I think that this is a great way to prevent injuries for a lot of runners, so I love that this has become such a trend — it seems like everyone pretty much has a foam roller in their house. 

Linking up with Rachel at Running on Happy for Friday Five!


What do you think are good fitness trends for runners? 

What fitness trends drive you crazy? 

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