This weekend, I headed to Colorado to kick off my birthday early. It started with a 17-miler before we went to Steamboat, and it was fun because Steph and her pup Django joined me for the first few miles. 

Long run adventures | Crazy Running Girl


I was so surprised — but I managed to hit 9:01 average pace which I didn’t think was going to happen because a, the altitude and b, crazy hills. After that, we headed to Steamboat for the weekend. 

Friday started with a trip to Mountain Tap Brewery, where we had a flight trying all of their beers. 

Mountain Tap Brewery | Crazy Running Girl


SO good. On Saturday, we went ice fishing and even though it was 40* outside, it seriously felt like it was in the 80s because the sun was so hot. 

Catching a trout in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


I caught a really cute fish. And managed to get a really bad sunburn on the top of my hand. 

Skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


Sunday we headed up the mountain and did some spring skiing. It wasn’t the best skiing ever because it was either ice or slush. But, it was really pretty (like usual): 

Skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


Skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado | Crazy Running Girl

And today, we’re wrapping it up with a hike (more on that tomorrow), some sushi and my favorite brewery here. Here we go, 32!


How was your weekend? When is your birthday? 

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