After a solid 10 days away from home, I am finally back in Minneapolis and returning to reality! It was such an awesome trip —> started with a weekend in Steamboat for ice fishing/skiing fun, with a week in Denver working remote and spending time with my favorite people, and wrapped up with #CampBrooks this weekend in Albuquerque. 

What is #CampBrooks? It was an amazing event that Brooks put on for the RunHappy Ambassador team, run influencers and media to get a sneak peek into what altitude camp looks like for the Brooks Beasts, the company’s elite running team. The team just got up here a few weeks ago, and will be here for a chunk of time for altitude training. 

Over the course of the weekend, we had the chance to meet all of the Beasts (they are AWESOME), learn from Brooks experts and hang out with all our favorite people in the running world. Spoiler alert: it was AWESOME. 

I don’t think everything that happened this weekend can even fit into one blog post, so I’ll be sharing tidbits over the next few weeks (including a post all about the hike we did yesterday in the Sandia Mountains, which was incredible). In the meantime, I’m going to share my 10 favorite moments from #CampBrooks this weekend. 

(My weekly training recap will be up tomorrow! Due to this weekend and the fact that the Boston Marathon is on a Monday, I’ll be doing my long runs on Mondays until race day… which is only 4 Mondays from today — crazy!)

10 favorite moments from #CampBrooks


Kicking it at the track with the Brooks Beasts

Running the track at #CampBrooks | Crazy Running Girl

After a quick lunch, we all headed to the track to hang out with the Beasts and sample a workout that they typically do. It was really cool because we broke into smaller teams and had two Beasts that were assigned to each team. Our workout:

Repeat 3x:

– 3 minutes @ 5k pace
– 2 minutes @ slow jog/walk
– 200 @ mile pace
– 4 minutes @ slow jog/walk

We finished the workout with 150m, where every 50m you switched gears to go a little faster. I was actually really surprised that my legs were moving so fast in this workout… I think it’s time to start working on that 5k PR. 


Trying out some spikes on the track

Trying out some Brooks spikes on the track | Crazy Running Girl


Fun fact: I used to run cross country and track in high school and had a set of spikes. This is the first time that I’ve worn spikes since then. I did our last set in them and they felt pretty crazy. It was nearly impossible for me to settle into some heel striking because they force you on your toes. 


Amazing trail run at Bear Canyon

Running Bear Canyon in ABQ | Crazy Running Girl


The next morning, we woke up bright and early and headed to Bear Canyon for a trail run. It was a pick your own distance and I ended up getting in a solid six miles. I must admit, this run made me really excited to tackle the Golden Ultra this fall. 


Meeting Nick Symmonds!

Hanging out with Nick Symmonds | Crazy Running Girl


I have to call out meeting Nick separately only because my friend Kelly just about died that I got to meet him (hi Kelly!). So yeah, we chatted and he gave me some RunGum to try out. 


…and all of the Beasts!

Hanging out with Jess Tonn | Crazy Running Girl


We spent a lot of time with all of the Brooks Beasts and it was awesome! They all have the coolest personalities and are so down to earth. Such a cool experience to talk with them about everything under the sun — from what it’s like to live in the house to their long runs to parking in Florida. 


Learning all the science stuff about nutrition 

Learning about nutrition at #CampBrooks | Crazy Running Girl


I love learning about nutrition, mostly because I feel like I’m so bad at it (getting better). Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach, who is the Beasts nutrition coach, gave us insight into how science plays a role in our nutrition — and more importantly, how a runner should eat. SO much good information –> more in a later post. P.S., the diagram he’s sharing shows all of the energy systems in the body. No wonder why nutrition is so complex!


Getting some great advice from Coach Mackey

(I forgot to take a picture during this one!) Coach Danny Mackey shared his coaching philosophy with us, which was pretty awesome. I loved learning about how he coaches the Beasts. Plus, he had a long list of great book recommendations that I need to check out ASAP. 


Learning about the wear testing process at Brooks

Panel with Brooks Beasts to talk about wear testing | Crazy Running Girl


On Saturday, Brooks assembled a panel of the Beasts to share how they influence the product process. It cool to hear how the product team leverages their input (and other product tester feedback) to transform their footwear to meet what runners currently need. 


Cooking out under the sun + an awesome sunset

Beautiful sunset in ABQ | Crazy Running Girl


We closed out #CampBrooks with a cookout at the Beasts house… complete with a recovery bar competition, some Albuquerque cuisine andddd the most amazing sunset! I am obsessed with sunsets and this was absolutely beautiful. 


Spending time with my RunHappy family

Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors at #CampBrooks | Crazy Running GirlJanae//Jesica//Tina//Anne//Emily//Ashley//Meghann//Kristen


This is my third year as a member of the RunHappy Ambassador team! I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, but it’s been such an incredible experience.

I am so thankful to Brooks for the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge about their products and programs so I can share it with you guys… PLUS, I love the RunHappy team! These women are absolutely incredible and I love how we’ve built such a special relationship over the years. 


How was your weekend? Favorite moment?

Have you ever shifted your long run to a weekday? How did it go?

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