Happy Thursday! In honor of today, I’m bringing you another edition of let’s get real… 

How do I open this?

Stupid coasters from Target | Crazy Running Girl

OK, I saw this at Target the other day (while I was there buying more practical things, of course) and it was SUPER cute. It’s a whale, that has coasters on its belly… the trouble is, I literally cannot figure out how to get these cute coasters out. I think this actually may be why it’s on clearance. Either way, any chance that someone bought this and has any tips for me? 


That may have happened.

Run another 26.2 miles... | Crazy Running Girl

Since we last covered my upcoming race schedule, I may have committed to a few more marathons. These include Ogden Marathon in Utah in May and the Indianapolis Marathon in November. I think my friends have learned that if they want company to run a marathon, they know who to ask. 😉 

There is a chance that I might squeeze one more marathon in there in the August timeframe, because I feel like that might be a great way to train for the Golden Ultra, you know, that 37-mile race I’m running in September. <insert freak out face>


Seriously though.

Sometimes I wonder... | Crazy Running Girl


Let’s get real: I am SO sad that football season is not right now and it’s also not just around the corner. At least there has been a lot of drama with trades, but it seems like it’s forever away!! P.S. So mad that Lacy went to the Seahawks, ugh!


I’m still obsessed with kombucha. 

Trying out Humm Kombucha | Crazy Running Girl


A few months ago, I shared my ultimate ranking of kombucha and have tried a few more since then… I think my new favorite has to be the Raspberry Lemon from Kevita. Since I usually drink water (or La Croix), this is a good alternative when I’m looking for something with a little sugar (especially since I said goodbye to soda…). 


Any other football fans? Who is your team? 

Do you drink Kombucha? Favorite flavor?

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