Whenever I’m marathon training, I become absolutely obsessed with one food. Grapes, animal crackers, ice cream, pretzels and PB&J have topped the list. This time around, I had a pretty strong obsession with oranges until the weather got nicer, and I have yet to find a good replacement. There are a few foods I am obsessed with this training cycle… and today, I’m sharing my top 5 favorite. 


1. Avocado

I love this new(ish) movement of eating protein and fats, and I love all the goodness that avocados have to offer. I usually eat my avocado on top of salad, but it’s also great on toast and on top of quinoa. I haven’t hit the point where I like to eat it by itself yet. 😉


2. PROBAR Bolt

Snacking on PROBAR Bolt | Crazy Running Girl


PROBAR Bolt has been my favorite pre-run fuel for awhile now. I eat about 4-5 of these chews before any run… and I find that they are often my snack when I need something sweet. I also love taking them with me hiking because they are easy to pack and do the trick of giving you the energy that you need. 


3. La Croix


Remember when I hated drinking La Croix? Yeah, that was funny. Now, I’m so obsessed with this stuff! I easily drink 2-3 a day and they are my “treat” instead of sugar (also, remember when I was obsessed with Mountain Dew? My teeth definitely like my La Croix obsession a lot better). My current favorites are Passionfruit and Apricot!


4. Dill Pickles!

Milwaukee Dill Pickles! | Crazy Running Girl


After a long run, probably because of all the sweating, I am always craving something salty and dill pickles do the trick. One of the best things about living in Minneapolis –> I get to stock up on my favorite brand, Milwaukee’s Best. There’s nothing better than these ones. 


5. Vanilla Protein Powder


For years, I struggled with finding what to eat for breakfast. I could never find anything that made me full enough. I went through cereal, eggs, back to cereal, back to eggs, salad for awhile… and I think I finally found something that I love. I use THIS protein powder, mix two scoops with vanilla unsweetened coconut milk, ice and a banana, and it keeps me full enough until lunch (or when I’m in a hard week of training like this week, at least until 10:30 so I can have a small snack before lunch). 


Linking up with Rachel for Friday Five!


What foods are you loving right now? Soda, yay or nay? 

What do you eat for breakfast? 

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