When I was out in New Mexico for #CampBrooks, I opted to stay an extra day with some of the RunHappy Ambassadors — Anne, Emily and Meghann — so that we could go check out some trails. I really wanted to hit of La Luz, which sounds absolutely incredible (you can see panoramic views of the city once you get to the viewing point). But, it takes a good chunk of time and we didn’t have enough to get it done. 

Instead, we set out to check out Travertine Falls. The trail is about 30 minutes outside of Albuquerque and it was such a pretty drive (and fun to get back to speed limits in the south… 75 mph FTW). 


We hit the Sandia Crest Trail and found the waterfall pretty early on in our adventure. Well, if you can call it that:


Um, where’s the water? 


Oh, hey, found some! 

Luckily, the trail kept rolling so we continued to hike.



We ran into another hiker who told us that if we followed the trail for about another hour, the views would be spectacular. And she wasn’t wrong:


I wish there was a way that I could really capture what the views were like because I don’t think these photos do it justice. The panoramic views were incredible. 


The hike itself wasn’t too grueling — the trail was pretty well-marked and while there were some technical spots, it wasn’t like some of the other hikes that I’ve done (ahem, Cecret Lake) that require some scrambling up rocks to make it through. 

We didn’t make it to the end of Sandia Crest Trail (I’m not even sure that’s possible), but ended up hiking for about 3.5 hours or so, which was such a great way to close out the #CampBrooks trip. Such a fun day chatting with these ladies, soaking up the sun and topping off the day with some authentic Mexican food with some ABQ flair.


It also gave us a chance to get the Caldera’s a little dusty… full reviews on these new trail shoes from Brooks on Wednesday!


When’s the last time you went hiking? What’s your favorite hike you’ve ever done? 


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