When we were out in New Mexico, Brooks hooked us up with a pair of their newest line of trail running shoes –> the Brooks Caldera. It was perfect because we spent our first morning there in Bear Canyon, where there were some really fun trails to run. 

Running in Bear Canyon at Altitude Camp | Crazy Running Girl


The Brooks Caldera joins the trail running family — already the Brooks has the Cascadia, the PureGrit and the Mazama. Where does the Caldera fit in? These are designed for the ultra runner that will be out running a good chunk of time (think super long training runs, 100 milers, etc.) and need some extra cushion (heel strikers unite) — so it offers a balance of comfort and functionality. 

Running the trails in the Brooks Caldera | Crazy Running Girl

I’ve run in both the Cascadia and the Mazama and found that these offered a similar ride to the Glycerins, but for trail. There’s some solid cushioning — check out this chart from Runner’s World:

Shoe profile of the Brooks Caldera from Runner's World | Crazy Running Girl


(The Runner’s World Shoe Finder is my favorite place in the world to find shoes if you are looking at upgrading your model or trying something new. You can pull up data from your current/old shoes and compare against what you’re thinking, so you can have a profile that meets what works for your body.)


The shoes are a little on the heavier side, similar to the Glycerins, weighing in around 8.3 ounces, and they boast a heel-to-forefoot drop of 4mm.

The one thing that’s a little different in these compared to Brooks other trail running shoes —> there’s no rock plate. This could be a little rough if you are doing highly technical and fast trail running because stepping wrong on a rock or branch? It could be a little killer.

However, with the cushioning (the heel is at about 30mm and the forefoot is at 26 mm), it makes up for it… while we were running in New Mexico, I didn’t feel like the lack of rock plate was a downside and there were a few technical parts on the trail.  

Trail running adventures in the Brooks Caldera | Crazy Running Girl


I am still trying to figure out which shoes I’ll race in when it comes to the Golden Ultra, but I know that these will be part of my more intense training, and potentially for the Sweat portion of the course (you know, the crazy part… the 37 miles).

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Trail runners —> what are your favorite shoes that you run in?

Runners —> Do you use different shoes throughout training? 



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