And just like that, we’re back at Thursday. Seriously, this week is flying by! I’ll take it, I’m ready for some good naps this weekend. 😉


This blows my mind

I don’t know if you guys read Marathon Investigation, but I think Derek does an awesome job uncovering cheating, bib mules and everything in between that seems to be happening like crazy in the marathon world. Yesterday he posted that someone was selling their wave 1, corral 1 bib to the Boston Marathon on Craigslist:

Selling a bib for Boston? Gross | Crazy Running Girl


Just no. Derek makes it sound like this is a common thing that always happens before the marathon, since he predicts that the numbers will increase.

Let’s get real: I mean, I get it — the Boston Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it is hard to get in (and I think they will probably tighten the qualifying standards in a few years, honestly). But, it’s a question of integrity. And I know some people lack it, but it kills me that there’s someone who put their blood, sweat and tears into their training and worked their ass off, only to be a squeaker and miss the cut off by a second or two so that someone like this can make a quick buck; or someone who can’t qualify hires someone to be a bib mule so they can make it. Running across that finish line on Boylston just doesn’t feel the same unless you know you busted your butt to get there. 


And speaking of cheating…

A medal upgrade for Shalane and Kara | Crazy Running Girl

Congrats to Shalane and Kara for getting the medals they deserve! But, it sucks that this had to happen so many years later and they won’t get the proper recognition. 

Let’s get real: Cheating sucks. It really sucks. I really don’t think there’s anything that we can do to fight against it other than reminding ourselves of that lesson we learned as first graders that cheaters never win. 


Jax probably hates me right now

Jax rocking the lion cut | Crazy Running Girl


But isn’t he cute!?

Let’s get real: I wish that I would have given him the lion cut years ago because it’s pretty awesome. As a Maine Coon, he’s a big cat (~19ish pounds) so he’s terrible at grooming because he’s just so big. Plus, the no hair thing means no shedding… which is the best. 


What do you think about the BOSTON documentary?

Thoughts on the BOSTON documentary | Crazy Running Girl


The BOSTON documentary will be in theaters on Wednesday, April 19 for one night only. The documentary covers the history of the Boston Marathon, including the bombs that went off in 2013. 

I know that I should be excited for this, as a runner that will be competing in my fifth Boston Marathon (and one that was there in 2013). But I just can’t.

I still have not ever watched that footage from that day and I will never watch it. I wasn’t at the finish line when the bombs went off, but I’ll never forget the feelings from that day and throughout the week, and how it took me forever to not be freaked out seeing people in crowded areas who seemed out of place carrying a backpack or briefcase; or how I have the worst anxiety in crowded races.

I have learned that we all deal with things in different ways, and that’s OK. I hope the documentary performs really well and that you see it if you want, so that you can tell me how much you enjoyed it.


Are you going to see the BOSTON documentary? Why or why not? 

Do you think there’s anything running can do to prevent cheaters, either bib thieves or dopers?

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