I cannot believe that it’s already time to say farewell to March… I feel like this month went by SO fast. It was pretty solid, because, birthday month, and I had the chance to spend some time with my favorite people. 

First up was a trip to Colorado, where I did some running, breweries, hiking, skiing and ice fishing. Basically, all the things. 

Long run adventures | Crazy Running Girl


Catching a trout in Steamboat | Crazy Running Girl


Hiking Lookout Mountain Trail in Bellevue, Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


Views from running in Colorado | Crazy Running Girl


After a good chunk of time in Colorado, I headed to Albuquerque for a weekend with Brooks at Altitude Camp. 

Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors at #CampBrooks | Crazy Running Girl


Finally got to meet Nick Symmonds:

Hanging out with Nick Symmonds | Crazy Running Girl


And did a killer trail run that was so amazing:

Trail running adventures in the Brooks Caldera | Crazy Running Girl


And went for an amazing hike just outside of ABQ with some of the Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors:



And that’s March! Before I get to April, check out that March mileage (not as high as February, but that’s a lot of running):

Recapping my adventures from March, with an update on goals! | Crazy Running Girl


This brings my 2017 total to just over 552 miles. 



  • Set a PR in the 5k and the half marathon: Maybe a better update on this post Boston. 
  • Read one book a month: Umm, so how about the fact that I read THREE books in January, but didn’t read any in February… or March? Still technically on track with my goal if I can get things together in April. 
  • Strength train at least two times per week: I would say I’m still at a C (which was what I rated myself in January/February). I hit it a few times, but not every week. 
    • January = C
    • February = C
    • March = C
  • Get my age of money up to 45 days: (here’s my first post about You Need a Budget (YNAB)). Over the past two months, I’ve made some amazing progress… come onnnn 45!  
    • January = 15 days
    • February = 34 days 
    • March = 36 days




What’s happening in April

Do I even need to put a section in here for this? BOSTON, BABY. 


I feel like life is currently separated into before Boston and after Boston, and I really haven’t given the after Boston part much thought. Before Boston, I have some fun things on the schedule:

  1. Twins season opener! One of the things that drove me crazy about Austin was the fact that there were no professional teams there! So excited to get back to going to games and all that jazz. 
  2. Launch party for Northmade! My friends recently re-launched their company with a fresh name and brand, and we’re celebrating it this week. P.S., if you’re in Minneapolis, you should come by! Here are the details
  3. My sister/niece/nephew are coming to visit! They will be here next weekend and my sister and I are also running a 10-miler together (it’s on the trail that I run everyday so that should be fun). 



What were your favorite moments from March? How many miles did you run?

What are you looking forward to in April? 


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