Since marathoning is on my brain, I wanted to share a ranking of all the marathons I’ve run. At this point, I have 23 in the books (!!), but there are a few that I’ve run a couple of times because they are either convenient or a really fun one. 

I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on this too —> I’ve heard my rankings are somewhat off with what other people think for some of these races (separating into two posts because otherwise this would be a monster… so come back tomorrow for the second half of the list!). 😉 


14. MetroPCS Dallas Marathon


I think if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have even run the MetroPCS Dallas Marathon. I was not in the greatest shape (just coming off NYC Marathon) and mentally, I wasn’t in a good place for this one. Plus, the weather was horrendous for me (super hot and humid, even though it was in Dallas). And well, the course just wasn’t my favorite. 


13. Bank of America Chicago Marathon

I KNOW, this is the one that people always give me the most confused looks about. I ran the Bank of American Chicago Marathon back in 2011, and I think I just had different expectations for the race. All I remember is running around downtown and while there were crowds, they weren’t really cheering. Plus the warehouse area in miles 17-21ish? Nope. That’s when I usually have the toughest time and it was horrible to be running in an area where nobody even knew the race was happening. Maybe it’s changed since then… 


12. Santa Rosa Marathon


I signed up for the Santa Rosa Marathon a few years ago as a last-ditch attempt to qualify for Boston in 2016. I read tons of articles that said that this was a great race to qualify and I think maybe I amped it up so much in my head that it fell short of expectations. They’ve also had several course issues that have screwed some people out of their BQ times. 


11. Wineglass Marathon


I love this race because it’s in the fall and it’s obviously very beautiful. I did not like this race because I didn’t have the best weather (it was humid/hot, gross). I would probably think about running this race again because logistically, it was really easy and it was pretty. 


10. Brooklyn Marathon

This race was more of a mental challenge than anything; I had to run ~9 loops around Prospect Park in Brooklyn… and surprisingly? I kinda liked it. When I ran it, I ran Prospect Park daily so I may have been a little biased based on how well I knew the course. 


9. Hill Country Marathon


I signed up for the Hill Country Marathon on a whim… and I’m so glad I did. The race is REALLY hard. You run on country roads out in the middle of nowhere Texas; so no course support and it got kinda hot, despite being in October. However, it was such a journey… I literally felt like a changed person after the race. 


8. Marine Corps Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon 2016 | Crazy Running Girl


After I didn’t get in the lottery for NYC Marathon in 2016, I decided to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery… and guess what! I got in. It was a cool race in that the Marines are such big participants in the race, and also, you run through some of the best parts of D.C. I was not in great shape (coming off Twin Cities Marathon), so it was pretty painful… I’d like to run it again to see if that’s the reason why I have it a bit lower on my list. 😉

That’s the first half… come back tomorrow to check out the second half, including my absolute favorite marathon!

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What’s the best race you’ve ever raced? Why? 

What do you research/think about when you sign up for a race? 



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